Educational Heretics Press … News update and first e-book.

Not only busy with HE UK Mike Wood has taken on Educational Heretics Press. Here is his latest update … and news of teh first EHP e-Book. Following the death of Professor Roland Meighan in 2014 I took over the […]

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It's back... the biggest and best and will get even better!! Look into the EHP back catalogue and get ready for new titles.

The First Flexischool

I’m currently working on the archives of two of this country’s greatest educational innovators the late Professor Roland Meighan and Philip Toogood. I last posted regarding some of

Dr Roland Meighan. 29.5.1937 – 20.1.2014. Full Obituary

Our dear friend and colleague Roland Meighan will live long in our hearts and his work will continue to be the engine


It was a wet and windy day in Nottingham on 12.01.2014 for Roland's funeral but the warmth of his send off was assured for this most well-loved, respected




CPE-PEN News January 2014

Dr Roland Meighan I’m sure you’ll join with us in wishing Roland better health in 2014. Roland has a heart condition and has not been well for some time

The Legacy of John Holt A Man Who Understood, Trusted and Respected Children. Book Review

National Network of Flexischools.

Dr Roland Meighan presents Janette Mountford-Lees, Headteacher of Hollinsclough CE Primary with the National Network of Flexischools registration certificate. At the Flexischooling Conference the Centre for Personalised Education

Flexischooling – Dr Roland Meighan

Flexischooling Roland reflects on the origins of flexischooling  The idea of flexischooling came to my attention in the 1970’s. As I began to research home–based education in UK I found

Flexischooling Learning Exchange – Reflections

Without doubt our April Flexischooling Exchange proved to be one our our most successful events in recent years. In a packed lecture theatre Exchange participants from all over

Flexischooling Learning Exchange 28th April- Last Call

The last few days to join us in Loughborough on Saturday 28th April for our Flexischooling Learning Exchange / Conference. Always refreshing and stimulating inputs and debate. Saturday

CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange



‘rigid systems produce rigid people, flexible systems produce flexible people’ Dr Roland Meighan

 CPE-PEN Presents a Flexischooling Learning Exchange

Saturday 28th April

Flexischool Places available

Fancy a flexischool arrangement with your youngsters? Four opportunities have arisen below. The flexischooling concept is one of  CPE-PEN's primary foci at the moment. There is great interest. We

SATS TEST on Educational Ideas for MPs, Teachers and Parents

SATS TEST on Educational Ideas for MPs, Teachers and Parents With thanks to Roland Meighan for this 1. Who said ‘for all children some of the time, and

Roland Meighan – website

Great news ... our very own Roland Meighan has just launched his own website.Its purpose is to make some of Roland's past research and other writings available

Toxic Schooling: How Schools Became Worse – Book Launch

Centre for Personalised Education - Personalised Education Now - Educational Heretics Press W:  B: W: Invitation to a Book Launch. School of Education, University of

Badman Report Two?

The exclusive target of the Badman Report is full-time home-based educators.  But since the children of the other families are only in school for aout 200 days, all

Flexischooling – advice for Ed Balls

CPE/PEN (as Education Now) have been  advocating that Flexischooling is a good idea since at least 1988 (see Flexischooling. Education for tomorrow, starting yesterday by Dr Roland Meighan

Personalised Education Now Journal 10. Spring-Summer 2009 out now!

Personalised Education Now Journal 10. Spring-Summer 2009 out now! Our latest journal is out now. Distrubuted free to members Contents include: Feature article Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

EO Campaign news: Roland Meighan Response to Review Report

A new article entitled Roland Meighan Response to Review Report has been posted on the EO Campaign website, The EO link reads Saturday 20 June Roland Meighan Response to Review

Response to Bernard Trafford from Roland Meighan

Roland Meighan, one of our CPE-PEN trustees and directors responds to Bernard Trafford's Guardian letter. Dr Roland Meighan  D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc.(Soc)., L.C.P., Cert.Ed., and Fellow of the Royal Society of

PEN – Learning Exchange: Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008

PEN - Learning Exchange Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008 Reminder - our next Learning Exchange is being jointly held with the Chard Home Education Centre on the 24th

Roland Meighan:

Peter Wilby published an article 'Aint Misbehavin' in the Guardian on the 23rd September. Roland Meighan responded with the following (as yet unpublished) letter. Dr Roland Meighan. D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D.,

Minischooling and Flexischooling

I like Charles Leadbeater - he's done much to try and shift thinking about education and schooling. His work on personalisation has been helpful. On 8th July John

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