Personalised Education Now Journal 10. Spring-Summer 2009 out now!

Personalised Education Now Journal 10. Spring-Summer 2009 out now!
Our latest journal is out now. Distrubuted free to members
Contents include:
Feature article Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum by Alan Wilkins
Alan reflects on Chris Shute’s intuitive and timely article ‘A century of invitational education’ (PEN Journal Spring Summer 2008). In particular, how it caused him to reflect on his own scouting experiences and the importance of all forms of informal education. The importance of informal education should not be underestimated. Within it lie many of the answers to a radical transformation of our learning landscape.
 Other items:
– Dispatches from our Grandfather Correspondent – Michael Foot
– Home Education Research – Impact on Parents  – Dr Leslie Safran
– Home–based Education: CPE Research – Peter Humphreys
– Book Review: Weapons of Mass Instruction – Dr Roland Meighan
– Book Review: New Views of Society: Robert Owen for the 21st    Century – Dr Glyn Yeoman
– Leaving the Chalkface – an examination of the reasons and motives which influence the decision of teachers to leave the
classroom – Anthony Howell
– Flotsam and Jetsam  – Educational Beachcomber

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