School Places

Additional flexi-learners offer any schools the opportunity to fill surplus places and to draw in families from a larger catchment area. Families seeking flexischooling are often more than willing to travel extensive distances to come to a flexischooling arrangement with the right school. They prove to be very enthusiastic and supportive parents.

Clearly, flexischoolers present the opportunity help schools remain sustainable, maintain staffing and provision for all the other pupils.

Thinking more creatively flexischooolers can be a catalyst for a range of innovative and creative possibilities for settings to consider.

  • Virtual learning hubs which could offer blended learning opportunities / support for all learners.
  • Alternative ways of working for some of the time…. e.g. learners negotiating their own personal learning plans and more self -managed learning.
  • Development of real personalisation strategies.
  • More flexibility with curriculum and less reliance on standardised curricular, age-staged progressions.
  • Rethinking and transforming schools… shaking off notions ‘one-size fits all’ and broadening the educational offer of community based settings.

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