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(Please note this back catalogue contains most of the text content of the Education Now News and Review archive from 1993 – 2004.  There are also journals available 1988-1993 but only in hard copy format. There are some missing items and the material is not always presented as it was in the hard copy format. However, this still represents a substantial resource and will provide researchers and interested readers with material of continuing vitality and relevance. (We do have hard copies of all issues and can provide photocopies for a small fee plus postage.) We have given a very basic listing of some of the key contents for each copy to make accessing material easier.

1988 -1993 

These journals are only available in hard copy and are currently being archived and the contents will be listed here in due course.


Issue 1 (1993) 

Teaching Tomorrow. Report on Ed Now Learning Exchange April 2003. Chris Shute
Celeberation of 15 years of Education Now. Chris Shute
Home-based Educators Seaside Festival. May 2003
Flotsam and Jetsam. Educational Beachcomber
Interview with Don Glines
The Kaleidoscope Project. Rod Paley
Book Review: When Learning Becomes Your Enemy by Clive Erriker. Chris Shute
The Whistleblowers. Brian D Ray. Paul Ginnis
Book Review: Bertrand Russell, Education as the Power of Independent Thought, by Chris Shute. Jan Fortune-Wood.


Issue 2 (1994)
Centre for Personalised Education (CPE) at Burntlands
Can you get an education from the National Curriculum?
Visit to Poland Report 2
Home-based education research report: socialization
Review: No Master High or Low – John Shotton

Issue 3 (1994) 
Day in the life of a democratic teacher – L Browne
Sands School
Some Principles of Educational Re-construction 1
Home-based education by-products
Teacher Education – P Gammage and R Swann
Review: Theory and Practice of Regressive Education – R Meighan and Early Childhood Education – Taking stock – P Gammage & J Meighan

Issue 4 (1994)
Sands School – D Hannam
Some Principles of Educational Re-construction 2
A day in the life of a home educating family

Issue 5 (1994)
Dame Catherines School HMI Report
Some Principles of Educational Re-construction 3
Day in the life of a Flexi-college tutor
Dyslexia and computer
Review: Beyond Authoritarian School Management – L Davies and Skills for Self-managed Learning – M Roberts


Issue 6 (1995)
Democracy and education – K Holloway
Home-based education learning methods
Learning Styles – P Ginnis
Review: Alice Miller and Praxis Makes Perfect

Issue 7 (1995)
Democratic Education – D Hannam
Institute for democracy in Education
Trailblazers 1: John Taylor Gatto
The Joy of Learning – Janet Meighan
Review: In Place of Schools – J Adcock
From school to family centre

Issue 8 (1995)
Our primary school council
Children under Stress – B Purdy
Review: Freethinkers Pocket Directory to the Educational Universe – R Meighan
Trailblazers 2: Alfie Khon
Home-based education research: factors in hbe success
The Benefits of student participation

Issue 9 (1995)
The Catalogue Curriculum – R Meighan
Self-esteem and education
League tables and cheating
Trailblazers 3: Alice Miller
Review: Developing Democratic Education and Family Strikes Back Video
Tribute to John Holt and Never too Late
Home-based education research: certification of parents


Issue 10 (1996)
Paul Ginnis on Change
The next learning system: Alternatives for everybody, all the time – R Meighan
The animals and the birds 1,2,3
Trailblazers 4: Don Glines

Issue 11 (1996)
Sudbury Valley – D Hannam
Dragon-dictate and dyslexia
Review: Early Childhood Education – The Way Forward
Homeschooling – Chris Shute
Trailblazers 5: Nel Noddings
Tamworth Learning Collective – Chris Shute
Home-based education and university choices – Hazel Clawley

Issue 12 (1996)
Co-operative learning – Alan Wilkins
The right to be heard – Melian Mansfield
Three ideologies of education – R Meighan
Review: John Holt Personalised Education – R Gomm
Trailblazers 6: Charles Handy
Home –based education USA
Green Party on Education

Issue 13 (1996)
Home-based education quotes page
Emotional literacy
John Adcock
Trailblazers 7: Howard Gardner
Academic education – the end game – R Meighan


Issue 14 (1997)
Dreading the annual prize giving
Selection of schooling for the losers
Poland and the pedagogy of betrayal
In Conversation with Peter Humphreys
Vouchers / My Home Tutor
Review: Rules, Routines and Regimentation – A Sherman

Issue 15 (1997) 
Education 2000 Digest
Cyber schools and virtual schools
Brain science findings
Review: Informal Education
Trailblazers 8: Ted Sizer

Issue 16 (1997)
Blair, Blunkett and Bengu
In Conversation with Geoff Harrision
Paulo Frieire
Prof Bengu Speech and Conference Report 1
All Year Round Education
Brazil Street Children
Problem of Alternative Education In UK

Issue 17 (1997)
Freedom of the Press
Virtual school, Vancouver
Training Teachers for an Obsolete System
Discipline – Conference Report 2
Trailblazers 9: Daniel Greenberg
Review: The Next Learning System
Learning Centres


 Issue 18 (1998)
Something Significantly Different – Anita Higham
Review: Parenting without God
2020 Vision
In conversation with Donna Brandis
Trailblazers 10: Ivan Illich
The Otherwise Club

Issue 19 (1998)
Education and the evolutionary crisis
Education in crisis – Norway vision – OU innovation
Minischooling New York
Review: Finding Voices, Making Choices
Pick of News and Review 1
Dyslexia and voice driven computers
In conversation with Bryan Hubbard and Lynne McTaggart
Flotsam and Jetsam 1

Issue 20 (1998)
Indoctrination, Indoctrination, Indoctrination – P Gammage
In Conversation with Chris Shute
Trailblazers 11: William
Libertarian Family Network
Pick of News and Review 2
Flotsam and Jetsam 2
South Africa Visit

Issue 21 (1998)
ICT and Personalised Learning – Paul Ardern
Virtual School Islington?
Self Discipline and Self Awareness
Family Learning – Titus Alexander
Pick of News and Review 3
Flotsam and Jetsam 3
In Conversation with Paul Ginnis
Review: Real Education – David Gribble

Issue 22 (1998)
Review: Accelerated Learning
Four Oaks Cluster Community – Peter Humphreys
Ten signs of need for Alternative Education
Pick of News and Review 4
Flotsam and Jetsam 4
In Conversation with Albert Lamb
Review: Brian Ray Strengths of Their Own


Issue 23 (1999)
Commercialisation of education – Tony Jeffs
East Midlands Flexi College
Plan do Review your own GCSE
Home Education – Elizabeth Theobold
Far East and Education – Glyn Yeoman
Flotsam and Jetsam 5
Ithaca – technology and self directed education
Review: Margaret Mc Millan
Review: Educating Children at Home

Issue 24 (1999)
After five your brain is cooked – Philip Gammage
In Conversation with David Gribble
Peace, Dignity and Solidarity – from Poland
Centres for Personalised Education (Sankova, Lighthouse, CAVE)
Nationwide study of Home-based education – Paula Rothermel
Flotsam and Jetsam 6

Issue 25 (1999)  
One family’s declaration of home-based education
Community Arts by Mark Webster
In Conversation with J Joseph
Gridlink and Sweep
Ed Heretic of the Year
Whistleblowers 1: Edward de Bono
Flotsam and Jetsam 7
Summerhill Conference Report
Review: Charlotte Mason
Control freakery and the colonization of childhood – R House

Issue 26 (1999)
Wanted – a new vocabulary for learning – R Meighan
Whistleblowers 2: Edmond Holmes
A century of cheating the children – L Davies
Quotation for our times
Where did it all go wrong? The Other Ruskin Speech by Nigel Wright
21st Century Learning Initiative
In Conversation with James Hemming
Review: Those unschooled Minds and Voices for Democracy


Issue 27 (2000) Unavailable (if anyone has the all or part of the digital content please contact us)
Next Learning system – a USA view
Against the National Curriculum – Joanna Swann
Whistleblowers 3: Seymour Papert
Camp Mohawk – Ian Cotton
Review: Doing it their way
Flotsam and Jetsam 8

Issue 28 (2000) Unavailable (if anyone has the all or part of the digital content please contact us)
Learning Styles – P Ginnis
Out of South Africa – Clive Harber
Whistleblowers 4: Stanely Milgram
Review: Teaching Tomorrow
Centres for Personalised Education (Otherwise Club, Flexi college)
Home-based education Senate resolution
Tom Bulman – Workout
Flotsam and Jetsam 9

Issue 29 (2000) Unavailable (if anyone has the all or part of the digital content please contact us)
Scots Councils and Home-based Education
The surveillance Culture – R House
Whistleblowers 5: A.S. Neill
Parenting / supplementary schools / grandparent power
Community Arts by Mark Webster
Review: Getting Started in Home Education
Flotsam and Jetsam 10

Issue 30 (2000) Unavailable except for one article (if anyone has the all or part of the digital content please contact us)
Sholai School, (CLOAAT) Kodaikanaig, India
Woodhead’s World
City as School
Whistleblowers 6: Rudolph Steiner
Stress and Surveillance
TEFL – David French
Flotsam and Jetsam 11


Issue 31 (2001)
The journey – Joe Mc Gowan
One Otherwise Story – Ken Smith
Whistleblowers 7: Alec Clegg
The Don Varley Room
Ofsted files
Citizenship Education, eight problems
Review: Without Boundaries and The Caring Classroom
Flotsam and Jetsam 12

Issue 32 (2001)
Learning Exchange on Democratic Education
Whistleblowers 8: Mary Leue
HESFES report
Impoverished State of Modern Universities
Assessment – Chris Shute
Review: Community Learning Centres
Flotsam and Jetsam 13

Issue 33 (2001) 
Foundation Stage Critique
Participation in Europe
Anti-testing USA
Annie Clegg’s PHd
Children’s Rights
Review: Let our children learn / Learning Unlimited / Danish schools
Flotsam and Jetsam 14

Issue 34 (2001)
Whistleblowers 9: Margaret Mc Millan
Danish Schools
Learning Exchange – John Abbott
Children’s Rights – Annie Clegg
Grandfather Watch
Maurice Frank
Flotsam and Jetsam 15


Issue 35 (2002)
Campus Co-op – Alan Wilkins
Whistleblowers 10: Charlotte Mason
Home school Canada
Damage Limitation 1 – R Meighan
Harrison HBE Case
Coalition for Self Learning
Review: Natural Learning and the Natural Curriculum
Flotsam and Jetsam 16

Issue 36 (2002)  
CHAMPS Learn to Learn Course
Whistleblowers 11: Susan Isaacs
Review – Paul Ginnis Teacher’s Toolkit
Damage Limitation 2 – R Meighan – Clive Harber Inaugural
Review: Natural Learning and the Natural Curriculum 2 and Bound to be Free
School architecture – Ben Koralek
Flotsam and Jetsam 17

Issue 37 (2002)  
Health for Arts Sake – Mark Webster
Whistleblowers 12: John Holt
HBE News
HBE research – back to school
Damage Limitation 3 – R Meighan
www Einstein on line
Review: 3 new HBE books
Flotsam and Jetsam 18

Issue 38 (2002)  
Review: Understanding school exclusion
Research Report – Why HBE?
Poland – school for individual development – D French
Damage Limitation 4 – R Meighan
Exams – waste of time
Grandfather report
Whistleblowers 13: J Krishnamurti
Flotsam and Jetsam 19


Issue 39 (2003)
Tragedy of Education Revisited – R Meighan
CPE’s at South Downs, Isle of Wight, Stables York
Beach Combing
From book reviews of Bertrand Russell and John Holt
Ivan IIIich – tribute
Damage Limitation 5 – R Meighan
Whistleblowers 14: Bertrand Russell
Ken Smith otherwise story cont’d
Flotsam and Jetsam 20
Otherwise Club is 10
Lifelong Learning

Issue 40 (2003)
Learning Exchange Report – Teaching Tomorrow
Lesley Browne PHd
Kaleidoscope Project – Rod Paley
15 years of Ed Now
Damage Limitation 6 – R Meighan
Review: When Learning Becomes Your Enemy
Whistleblowers 15: Brian Ray
Flotsam and Jetsam 21
Review: Bertrand Russell

Issue 41 (2003)
House of Commons Debate on HBE
Compulsory Mis Education –by P Goodman – Chris Shute
Don Glines on Algebra
HBE Research Report
Reviews of Dorothy Heathcote and Sammy Kunina
Flotsam and Jetsam 22

Issue 42 (2003)
Personalised Education Now is born
Review: Schools Councils
Teaching as a Subversive Activity by Postman and Weingartner – Chris Shute
EDUSS Course
Democratic Learning – L Browne
Grandfather report
Shakespeare – J Hort
Flotsam and Jetsam 23
Philadelphia Story – IAILA Conference


Issue 43 (2004)
Coalition of Self learning USA
Schools – What are they good for? Paul Ginnis
Review: Escaping the Circle of Hate
James Whitehead on Escaping the Circle of Hate
School is Dead – Everett Reimer
Whistleblowers 16: Max van Manem
Flotsam and Jetsam 24
Maurice Frank

Issue 44 (2004)
Whistleblowers 17: Philip Toogood
The Betrayal of Youth James Hemming
Next Learning System out of the public library – R Meighan
Assylum Seekers
Youthful Wisdom
Flotsam and Jetsam 25
Learning Exchange – Teaching without Schools

Issue 44 was the final Education Now News and Review before Education Now‘ metamorphosed’ into Personalised Education Now. Those journals are also available on this site.

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