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Personalised education as promoted by The Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now is derived from the philosophy of autonomous education. This centres on learner-managed learning, invitational learning institutions, the catalogue/natural versions of curriculum, invited rather than uninvited teaching, and assessment at the learner’s request. Its slogan is, ‘I did it my way – though often in co-operation with others’ and it operates within a general democratically-based learning landscape that has the slogan, ‘alternatives for everybody, all the time’.

Within the context of the UK ‘schooled society’ there are already some key institutions that work to the autonomous philosophy within a democratic value system. A prime example is the public library. Others are nursery centres, some schools and colleges, museums, community arts projects, and home-based education networks. They work to the principle of, ‘anybody, any age; any time, any place; any pathway, any pace’.

Such institutions are learner-friendly, non-ageist, convivial not coercive, and capable of operating as community learning centres which can provide courses, classes, workshops and experiences as requested by local learners. These are part of a rich and successful, but undervalued personalised learning heritage, from which we draw strength, and which we celebrate.

Personalised Education is legitimated by the latest understanding about the brain, and how we develop as learners and human beings throughout our lives. It operates within a framework of principles and values resulting in learners whose outcomes are expressed in their character, personality, in the quality of life they lead, in the development and sustainability of our communities and planet, and in peaceful coexistence and conflict resolution. Learner success is therefore measured in terms of good physical and mental health, in peaceful existence, freedom from crime, usefulness of their contributions and work, and levels of active citizenship. In reality, these are more significant than the limitations and delusions of over-emphasis on assessment scores and paper accreditations.


The Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now seeks to promote educational ‘alternatives for everybody, all of the time’ through a diverse, funded Personalised Educational Landscape. This would meet the learning needs, lifestyles and life choices made by individuals, families and communities. State funding would be secured through vouchers or personal learning accounts.

We encourage education based on learner-managed learning, using a flexible catalogue curriculum, located in a variety of settings, and operating within a framework of democratic values and practices. An educator becomes, predominantly, ‘the guide on the side’ rather than ’the sage on the stage’.

Members and SupportersThe Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now welcomes members, both individuals and groups, who support and promote its vision. Its membership and supporters includes educators in learning centres, home based educating settings, schools, colleges and universities. They include interested individuals and families, teachers, head teachers, advisers, inspectors and academics.

The Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now has extensive national and international links. Above all the issues of personalised education and learning are issues with relevance to every man, woman and child because they lie at the heart of what kind of society we wish to live in.

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