Centre for Personalised Education

The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE)

Personalised Education Now (PEN) is the trading name for The Centre for Personalised Education Trust (CPE), a charitable company, limited by guarantee (Charity number: 1057442. Company Number 03231165).

We engage in…

  • Generating ideas, analysis and critique and envisioning the personalised educational landscape.
  • Supporting practitioners, individuals, groups, families and organizations developing the personalised agendas and educational alternatives.
  • Bringing members and groups together at learning exchanges and national conferences
  • Publishing newsletters, journals and books
  • Developing a comprehensive integrated website, blog and archive
  • Undertaking trusted and respected book reviews
  • Research
  • Networking with other groups and projects
  • Influencing the national and international debate on the future of education, schooling and learning
  • Influencing the research agendas
  • The Centre’s activities enhance the training and employment possibilities of young people and adults.

The Centre for Personalised Education emerged in 1995 from a longer history dating back to 1988 with Education Now and various groups that grew from the same roots with overlapping memberships and networks. Alongside these the Education Now Publishing Co-operative and Educational Heretics Press provided a core platform for our thinking.

In 2018 we will have been active for some 30 years…

Our brief brings us into contact with a huge range of alternative and mainstream educational settings, projects and educators.
Our focus on personalisation brings us to take a critical stance against rigid mass schooling systems whilst acknowledging and celebrating settings / projects / innovations where more open, self-directed, democratic and flexible approaches are employed.
We have always been prepared to learn from and with home education communities.

Our achievements include:

  • Some 130 journals, magazines and special supplements
  • Around 100 books – some translated into Polish, Japanese
  • Some 100 conferences and learning exchanges
  • Influence on educational case law
  • Continuous support for educational innovation and educational start ups
  • Continuous support to families and learners seeking choice, personalisation and alternatives.
  • Our current social media support networks reach over 13,000 people
  • Continuous campaigning and engagement politicians and educational bodies and settings
  • Influence on educational narratives and ideas.
  • Broad international links
  • Originating, developing and promoting Flexischooling

We continue to move forward and grow organically whilst seeking to network the networks. We hope you will continue to support us with your subscriptions.


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