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Educational Heretics Press 1988-2014

The original Educational Heretics Press was set up by Roland and Janet Meighan

PEN_partner_links_educational_hereticsRoland and Janet set up Educational Heretics Press as a not-for-profit publishing house focussing on radical but accessible educational material.

We are a small press that exists to question the dogmas and superstitions of mass, coercive schooling, with its roots in totalitarian thinking, with a view to developing the next modern, humane, flexible, personalised effective public learning system – one fit for a progressive democracy that provides genuine choice from a menu of ‘alternatives for everybody, all the time.’

‘I am a fan of the Education Heretics Press because it asks necessary questions about the fundamental processes of schooling.”‘Gerald Haigh of the Times Educational Supplement.

Education Heretics Pressdeveloped an enviable reputation averaging four books a year over nearly twenty years 1988-2009

Routes to Change Jeff Kent.1988
Flexischooling Roland Meighan.1988
Democratic School Clive Harber and Roland Meighan.1989
Charnwood Papers Edited Bob O’Hagan. 1991
Small Schools Philip Toogood. 1991
Learning All the Time John Holt. 1991
Unfashionably Unfascist Roland Meighan. 1991
Never too Late John Holt.1991
Issues in Green Education Edited Damian Randall. 1992
Anatomy of Choice in Education Roland Meighan and Philip Toogood. 1992
Learning from Home-based Education Edited Roland Meighan. 1992 reprinted 1998, 2000, 2005
Learner Managed Learning Edited Paul Ginnis.1992
Lifelines Edited Ron Biggs.1992
Democratic Learning and Learning Democracy Clive Harber.1992
Community Need and Further Education Frank Reeves.1993
Sharing Power in Schools and Raising Standards Bernard Trafford. 1993
Early Childhood Education: Taking Stock Janet Meighan and Philip Gammage. 1993
Compulsory Schooling Disease Chris Shute. 1993 reprinted
2000, 2005
Regressive Education Edited Roland Meighan. 1993
Beyond Authoritarian School Management Lynn Davies. 1994
Freethinkers’ Guide to the Educational Universe Edited Roland Meighan. 1994
Skills for Self -Managed Learning Mike Roberts. 1994
Praxis makes Perfect Iram Siraj-Blatchford. 1994
Modernity of Further Education Frank Reeves. 1995
Freethinker’s Pocket Dictionary Written by Roland Meighan and Edited James Meighan. 1995
Early Childhood Education: The Way Forward Philip Gammage and Janet Meighan. 1995
Developing Democratic Education Clive Harber. 1995
A very Private Affair Tony Jeffs and Pam Carter. 1995
The Further Education Curriculum Anna Frankel and Frank Reeves. 1996
Learning Technology John Siraj-Blatchford. 1996
Small Schools and Democratic Practice Clive Harber.1996
Informal Education Tony Jeffs and Mark Smith. 1996 reprinted
1999, 2001, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
Rules, Routines and Regimentation Ann Sherman. 1996
Children for Social Change Anthony Swift. 1997
Further Education as Economic Regeneration Edited. Frank Reeves. 1997
Parenting without God Jane Wynne Willson. 1997
Candles in the Storm Edited Naranjan Singh Noor. 1997
The Next Learning System Roland Meighan. 1997
Robert Owen John Siraj-Blatchford. 1997
The Holistic Educations Cara Martin. 1997
Can You Teach Creativity? Anna Craft. 1997
A.S. Neill Bryn Purdy. 1997
Charlotte Mason Marian Wallace Ney. 1997
Participation, power-sharing and school improvement Bernard Trafford. 1997
An Introduction to Curriculum for 3-5 year olds Viv Moriarty and Iram Siraj-Blatchford. 1998
Voices for Democracy Edited Clive Harber. 1998
Margaret McMillan Viv Moriarty. 1998
Edmund Holmes Chris Shute. 1998
Basic Skills and Further Education Frankel, Millman and Reeves. 1998
Henry Morris Tony Jeffs. 1998
101 Things to do with a Buzz Box John Siraj-Blatchford. 1999
Those Unschooled Minds: Home Educated Children Grow up Julie Webb. 1999
Teaching Tomorrow John Adcock. 2000
Getting Started in Home Education Rose and Stanbrook. 2000
Doing it their Way Jan Fortune-Wood. 2000 reprinted 2002, 2006, 2010
The Caring Classroom Henry Pluckrose. 2000
Black Woman in the Night Sky Frank Reeves. 2000
Bound to be Free Jan Fortune-Wood. 2001
Let our Children Learn Edited Tony Brown, Michael Foot and Peter Holt. 2001
Natural Learning Roland Meighan. 2001
With Consent Jan Fortune-Wood. 2002
When Learning Becomes your Enemy Clive Erricker. 2002
Bertrand Russell Chris Shute. 2002
John Holt Roland Meighan. 2002
Learning Unlimited Roland Meighan. 2001 reprinted 2005
Understanding School Exclusion Charlie Cooper. 2002
Escaping the Circle of Hate James Whitehead. 2003
Damage Limitation Edited Roland Meighan. 2004
Finding Voices, Making Choices Edited Mark Webster and Glen Buglass. 2005, reprinted 2011
Comparing Learning Systems Edited Roland Meighan. 2005
The Face of Home-based Education 1 Mike Fortune-Wood. 2005
The Face of Home-based Education 2 Mike Fortune-Wood. 2006
Learner Managed Learning: A European Perspective Edited Leslie Safran-Barson. 2006
Can’t Go Won’t Go Mike Fortune-Wood. 2007
Joy Baker Chris Shute. 2008
Personalised Learning: Taking Children Seriously Edited Mark Webster. 2008
Toxic Schooling Clive Harber. 2009
Isn’t That Dangerous? Clive Harber. 2009
The Trail Blazers Edited Paul Ginnis. 1998
The Next Learning System Roland Meighan. 2000
25 years of Home based education Edited. Roland Meighan. 2001
The Whistleblowers Edited Paul Stanbrook. 2002


New Educational Heretics Press 2015 –

An experienced publisher and fellow educational heretic, Mike Wood has now undertaken stewardship of  Educational Heretics Press Mike is working with both the back catalogue and introducing new titles.


To increase access and circulation ebooks are being developed on both old and new titles and there is an effective website from which to purchase material Education Heretics Press.

Keep up with news and don’t forget to like the Educational Heretics Press Facebook Page



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