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The Learning Sweet Spot by Paul Henderson.

  We're delighted that Paul Henderson's writing in the CPE-PEN blog over the years has attracted attention worldwide. Our good friend Wendy Priesnitz and her Life Learning Magazine

Life Media Newsletter 05.05.2011

Book Review: Challenging Assumptions In Education

By Beth Balmanno Confession. We are kinda, sorta unschoolers in our household. Of course, relatives, friends, other homeschoolers – even clerks at the

Independent: Employers want apprentices, not graduates

By Richard Garner, The Independent Education Editor. Monday, 7 February 2011 Thousands of school-leavers may be harming their job prospects by seeking a place at university this summer. Results of

Learning Futures pamphlet now available

This pamphlet (downloadable) from the Innovation Unit is well worth a read for CPE-PEN network members. There are key ideas that we have advocated for decades appearing

Childhoods Today latest issue out now

Dear all, We are delighted to inform you that the latest issue of Childhoods Today has just been published. Please do find five minutes to have a look at

Life Learning Magazine – Jan/Feb 2011 out now

http://www.lifelearningmagazine.com/1102/index.htm Editorial What would Nature do? From Our Readers Readers share ideas about learning and the magazine. I Liked it! by Kate Fridkis Insights about life and learning from a young

AERO: Education Revolution E-Newsletter

Education Revolution E-Newsletter 20.07.2010 Help Make Turning Points a Bestseller! (BOOK) Conference DVDs: Now Available for Sale! (DVDs)

IALA – International Association of Learning Alternatives Blog

IALA - International Association of Learning Alternatives Blog Some interesting items on the IALA blog Blueprint School by Wayne Jennings I’ve waited for years for this marvelous book, Lives of Passion,

Education Revolution E-Newsletter 06.01.2010

To further support AERO please find below the whole contents of their latest e-newsletter. I'm sure readers will be interested in following up subscriptions (hard copy or PDF)

AERO E-News 19th Septemer 09

Some items from AERO 2010 AERO Conference Call for Proposals The 7th annual AERO conference is already shaping up to be quite an event with great keynote speakers including Herbert

Life Media: Natural Life Magazine offer

Life Media produce some great materials and resources and we often refer to their work. Currently you can get a free online  sample of their July / August Natural

Personalised Education Now – Membership 2009-2010 – Reminder

All renewals and new memberships are receiving a complimentary copy of  our partner Educational Heretics Press http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/ publication When Learning Becomes Your Enemy by Clive Erricker. If you

Personalised Education Now – Membership 2009-2010

PEN Membership renewals are currently being processed. All renewals and new memberships are receiving a complimentary copy of  our partner Educational Heretics Press http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/ publication When Learning Becomes Your

Natural Life Magazine: It Takes a Community to Help Children Learn.

An interesting article from Life Media E-news June 2009... It Takes a Community to Help Children Learn. Creating a Community Learning Center for Homeschooling Families by Marilyn Firth, Mona

Life Learning

While this country treats its children and young people so shoddily (see post below) perhaps politicians could just take some time out from the soundbites and politics and

Life Media April News: Unschooling as the Ultimate Feminist Act

Some people think, stereotypically, that women who choose to work at home so they can facilitate life learning for their children are regressively un-feminist. So unschooling pioneer and

AERO E-Newsletter 25th March 2009

AERO E-Newsletter 25th March 2009 http://www.educationrevolution.org/fre.html Contents: 1) Reactions to President Obama Speech on Education 2) Two Great New Alfie Kohn DVDs  No Grades + No Homework = Better Learning  Unconditional Parenting 3) Nel

Futurelab: E-News February 2009

PEN Comment: There's always loads of interest and learning to absorb with Futurelab News. Where do you look first?! Fountaineers case study - part 2 The Fountaineers project engages pupils

Life Media E-Newsletter: January 2009

 Free Skools: Learning For Its Own Sake Most of our readers are familiar with the term "free school" as it relates to a democratic alternative school for children. But

NZ Education Gazette Dec 2008: Guy Claxton and Key Competencies by Wayne Erb

GUY CLAXTON is an international expert on learning – he's also a fan of the new curriculum's key competencies. WAYNE ERB reports Ever step back from teaching and consider

Edutopia News 10th December 2008

World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others. How to teach when learning is everywhere. Fascinating article by by Will Richardson Edutopia Magazine December 2008. It begins: Earlier this

Futurelab Vision Magazine 8: January – June 2008

VISION magazine: Issue 8 The latest issue of Futurelab's bi-annual magazine features articles on informal learning, computer games in education, neuroscience and learning, Positive Activities for Young People, planning

Natural Life Magazine and Website: http://www.naturallifemagazine.com/

PEN Comment: interesting article that could have come from the pen of our own Roland Meighan ! A Teacher Questions Compulsory Schooling Imagine what would happen if our current compulsory

Personalised Education Now Journal 9. Autumn – Winter 2008-9 out now!

Our latest journal is out now. Distrubuted free to members Contents include: Two feature articles

  • Sci – Fi Nightmare Becomes Reality – Paul    Henderson. Paul invites us to look at the

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