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This research network aims to be something a little different, being inclusive of academia but by no means exclusive to it. Light on Ed seeks to develop a multi-level network of researchers originating from schools, colleges, universities, other organisations along with independent researchers and scholars. It seeks to be open, supportive and focussed on accessible and creative communication with mixed audiences and constituencies. The focus of the network is to shed a critical lens on our mainstream learning systems and look forward to an educational landscape where the learner is put back centre stage. In the process it will shed light on alternative educational settings and projects in addition to radical innovations from within mainstream. The network will serve as a resource for resource questions and as a ‘dating agency’ for researchers and potential research projects. Light on Ed will establish a range of platforms for dissemination including websites, social media, forums, journal, digital and hard book publishing assisting with the visibility and archiving of this kind of research. The network will contribute to and emphasise developing informed grassroots narratives and understandings.

So, the Light on Research Network is for you if you are a researcher, educator, parent, learner, interested citizen and you

  • wish to see more personalised, self-managed, democratic and flexible approaches in education.
  • are interested in supporting research challenging the taken for granted assumptions in education (particularly focussing on alternatives but also radical innovation within mainstream).
  • are interested in communicating research beyond the academic bubble in innovative and effective ways to diverse audiences.
  • wish to support and nurture researchers in these fields.
  • wish to help develop visibility and a body of work in these areas.
  • are working in innovative projects and settings looking to establish or maintain links with researchers.
  • are looking to engage with innovative projects and settings.
  • are looking to gain new insights in education.
  • wish to be active in supporting the development of grassroots narratives and understandings.

Interested? Join us in the Light on Ed Facebook Group in the first instance and get along to our inaugural event.

Centre for Personalised Education, Childhood Research Forum and Phoenix Trust

Light on Ed Research Network.  Inaugural Learning Exchange (LEX)

Saturday 28th April 2018

Eden Building. Arbour Room, Liverpool Hope University. Hope Park, Liverpool L169JD

Times:  1030-1630

The Centre for Personalised Education , the Childhood Research Forum (Liverpool Hope University) and Phoenix Education Trust welcome you an inaugural Learning Exchange (LEX) to launch the Light on Ed Research Network.

Supported by Educational Heretics Press

Facebook Group: Light on Ed Research Group




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