Home Ed Support

In some areas of the USA schools are required to offer local home educators support and resources. Could this happen in England and Wales? On the face of it there much to commend – a much misunderstood, zero funded community would have the opportunity to share their educational philosophies and needs and mainstream schooling address some their stereotypes and misconceptions. The opportunity for a meeting of minds and mutual benefit could arise.

However, with the history of home education and local authorities / government in England and Wales it would not be popular with all from the home education communities. It would be viewed with suspicion, and concerns schools that and authorities would engage in a mission creep (despite whatever they would say) designed to bring all home educators under the influence and monitoring of schools.

It would be a sensitive development that required proper consultation and understanding.  Technical funding issues would also need to be resolved as currently learner funding is directed solely to those registered at a school and not the home educated.

On balance, it is likely those home educators who entertain flexischooling would probably have little objection and it would be a positive development to the resource they could draw upon. Those home educators who wished to keep totally away from schools and retain their legal right to autonomy would carry on as they always have done.

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