SATS TEST on Educational Ideas for MPs, Teachers and Parents

SATS TEST on Educational Ideas for MPs, Teachers and Parents

With thanks to Roland Meighan for this

1. Who said ‘for all children some of the time, and for some children all of the time, the classroom resembles a cage from which there is no escape’
a. a school leaver
b. an anthropologist studying schools
c. a home-based educating parent

2. John Holt declared that a good teacher teaches you how to teach yourself better.
In the current regime in schools, this idea is,
a. impossible
b. undesirable
c. rarely found

3. A boy who later became the world champion motor cyclist was advised by his teachers,
a. to focus on what he was really interested in
b. to stop wasting his time on motor cycles
c. that he would never amount to anything

4. ‘I never allowed school to interfere with my education’ was said by,
a. an early school leaver
b. Winston Churchill
c. Mark Twain

5. The person who spent just one morning in school before his mother decided after talking to him that it was a waste of time and took him out to educate him at home, was
a. Yehudi Menhuin
b. Peter Ustinov
c. Bertrand Russell

6. The book Compulsory Education was criticized because
a  it was too optimistic – school was anti-educational
b. it was too unkind – some education sometimes took place
c. it was too truthful and it should be banned

7. John Holt wrote books criticising school in
a. two volumes
b. five
c. ten
8. Which Chief Inspector of Schools declared that schools were the ‘Tragedy of Education’ and needed radical rethinking?
a. Chris Woodhead
b. Edmond Holmes
c. Christine Gilbert

9. Who said ‘show me a man who has enjoyed his schooldays and I will show you a bully and a bore’.
a. Robert Morley
b. Winston Churchill
c. Oscar Wilde

10. ‘I resented being told what to wear, what to think, what to believe, what to say and when to say it.’ This verdict on school was made by,
a. a recent school leaver
b. Esther Rantzen
c. Paulo Freire

11. ‘Schools learned long ago that the way to keep children from thinking is to keep them busy.’ This conclusion was reached by,
a. Agatha Christie
b. Everett Reimer
c. Ivan Illich

12. ‘School is a twelve year jail sentence where bad habits are the only curriculum truly learnt.  I teach school and win awards doing it.  I should know.’ The writer was,
a. A.S.Neill
b. John Taylor Gatto
c. Chris Shute
Answers: 1 = b
2 = c
3 = b
4 = c
5 = c
6 = a
7 = c
8 = b
9 = a
10 = a
11 = b
12 = b

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