It  makes good sense for families and the school to come to a  formal agreement outlining the flexischooling framework and responsibilities. Like everything else this can be the starting point later reviewed and developed. A contract is about clarity and covers both the school and parents / carers. ***

The Flexischooling Contract and Attendance Agreement

When the decision to flexischool is made the parents and headteacher should meet to discuss how the arrangement will work. Following this discussion, the contract and attendance agreement can be drawn up and signed (see example later in this article)

Such a contract might include sections on:

  • What areas of education each party will provide?
  • Who will oversee the non-school part of the education?
  • What flexibility there will be regarding special events at school which fall outside the normal attendance such as school trips and assemblies?
  • What flexibility there will be regarding special events with the parents which fall inside the normal school attendance?
  • What arrangements will be made for pupil assessment?
  • Any perceived special needs and associated provision.
  • Who is responsible for the welfare of the child?
  • To what extent the National Curriculum will be followed.
  • Pattern and frequency of review.
  • Anything else that the parents and school see fit to include.

The attendance agreement states when and how often the child will attend school.

Here are some example contracts / agreements….



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