Educational Heretics Press … News update and first e-book.

Not only busy with HE UK Mike Wood has taken on Educational Heretics Press. Here is his latest update … and news of teh first EHP e-Book.

Following the death of Professor Roland Meighan in 2014 I took over the running of Educational Heretics Press. My first task was to rebuild EHP’swebsite. So as of August 2015 HE UK was joined by EHP:

EHP has a back catalogue of around 85 titles, approximately 45 of which are currently in print. EHP’s catalogue of titles have been written by some ofthe biggest names in education, many of which are well known to the HE
community such as Roland and Janet Meighan, Alan Thomas Leslie Safran, Julie Webb and from across the pond John Holt. Other authors, less well known by home educators would include Clive Harber, Chris Shute and Phillip
Toogood all of who support democratic, child led learning.
Without Roland’s unstinting work setting up and running EHP for many years, few of these authors would have found anyone willing to publish their heretical ideas and home education would have found it far more difficult to find academic

Today, I’m celebrating HE UK’s birthday by publishing the first EHP book to be made available as a Kindle eBook. I hope to follow this up with manyother EHP titles over the coming year.

In addition to this, 2016 will see further, completely new publications beginning with Alan Thomas and Harriet Pattison’s new book on home education and learning to read which is titled Rethinking Learning to Read.

For further details on this title see:

Home education will continue to inform and support home educators into the future, and by linking EHP to HE UK that support is strengthened and enhanced. At a time when alternative educational approaches are coming under greater attack, academic support and affirmation of our efforts are even more important. The importance of the ability to publish unpopular research that explains the reality of educational alternatives cannot be overstated. EHP is therefore central to any defence of the right to home educate.

**Share in a little celebration**

I’m celebrating HE UK’s birthday by offering our first Kindle eBook“Comparing Learning Systems” by Roland Meighan at an introductory price of just £2.99. It will stay at this price for the rest of January.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

(the price has just been adjusted, so if you are looking on the 8th Jan, the price may be temporarily slightly higher while Amazon servers update, simply wait an hour or two and look again.)

“Comparing Learning Systems” is an analysis of many of the differing educational approaches and how they relate to each other and autonomous educations roll as ‘the next learning system’. Roland firmly believed that home educators, despite it being incidental to their intentions, were effectively field testing a new system of education.
Written by a Professor of Education this book can be useful to home educators in understanding better, how what they do, fits into the broader picture of educational methodology and assists them in understanding and critiquing the ‘standard model’ of education adopted by the state schoolsector around 200 years ago. You will find it an interesting and useful

Please feel free to cross post to anywhere this will be of use.

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