PEN – Learning Exchange: Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008

PEN – Learning Exchange Chard in Somerset 24th October 2008

Reminder – our next Learning Exchange is being jointly held with the Chard Home Education Centre on the 24th October. It will provide opportunities to see the range of experiences available for home-based educationg families using the Centre as well as opportunities to hear the latest ideas on personalised education and to engage in free-ranging discussion.

Outline for the day:
1030 Arrivals and drinks
1100 Welcome and introduction from Karen Turner (founder and Chair of the Centre) followed by opportunities to see the participation of families.
1200 Opportunities for questions
1230 Lunch
1345 Roland Meighan will introduce the new book ‘Joy Baker: trailblazer for home-based education and personalised learning’. He will go on to amalyse the superstitions about eductaion she exposed. Followed by questions.
1430 Peter Humphreys will introduce the new book ‘Personalised learning: Taking Choice seriously’ and will account some of the work and ideas of the Centre for Personalised Education / Personalised Education Now.
1515 Refreshments
1530 A panel including Karen, parents, children, Roland and Peter will respond to questions about the Learning Centre and Personalised Learning
1615 End of Learning Exchange

Further details of the event:
Karen Turner (Chard Learning Centre) E:
Janet Meighan (CPE-PEN): E: T: 0115 925 7261

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