Press release: Project Zero Film – In Response to Student Feedback

Plymouth, Devon. Research by BECTA has highlighted a discrepancy between the way school children are taught and the way they prefer to be taught.  The research report ‘Web 2.0 Technologies for Learning and Key Stages 3 & 4’ suggested that […]

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Futurelab: New FREE handbook on curriculum and teaching innovation

Futurelab has just published a new report on curriculum and teaching innovation that is intended to provide guidance for educators interested in exploring the potential of personalisation to

Press release: MOD announces a dynamic 21st Century Learning Environment for its overseas Service schools

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) announce a strategic educational partnership with UniServity, the leading Learning Platform provider, to support and enhance teaching and learning for children and families

AERO April E-News: Education Circle of Change by Isaac Graves

I recently returned from a very interesting gathering called, Education Circle of Change. “The Education Circle of Change is an initiative to advance existing movement building in education

Home schooling – a vision of the future? Telegraph 11th April 2009

James Bartholomew, Telegraph 11th April 2009 We'd certainly subscribe to the sentiments in this article. We have long argued that we have much to learn from home-based education. Let

Press release: UK Teachers now sharing over one million classroom resources every month on TES Connect

8 April, 2009: TSL Education announces over one million monthly downloads

Opposition to testing grows both sides of the Atlantic

The recent mutterings about testing boycotts in England appears to be growing. It was interesting then to read in AERO's April 7 e-news about mounting opposition to No

InspirED e-news March 2009

Issue 3, March 2009. Futurelab's  InspirED - a collection of news and stories to inspire anyone interested in innovative approaches to teaching and learning. This site is updated

AERO – New website

After months of planning AERO is proud to announce the launch of our newly re-designed website,

CPE-PEN Learning Exchange – Loughborough 5th April

Our latest learning exchange was a very successful day. For the first time CPE-PEN conducted its AGM within the proceedings. Network members heard inputs accounting the latest work from

Life Media April News: Unschooling as the Ultimate Feminist Act

Some people think, stereotypically, that women who choose to work at home so they can facilitate life learning for their children are regressively un-feminist. So unschooling pioneer and

EO Campaign website: Council pays home educators

A new article entitled Council Gives Home Educating Parents £10,000 to Pay for Tutor has been posted on the EO Campaign website, This really is a first! Poisoned

EO: Campaign website news

A new article entitled Over three thousand people signed the petition challenging the Home Education Review has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

AERO – New blog

AERO's Blog: Contains Link to Free Full-Length 2008 AERO Keynote Talks Including Deborah Meier   AERO has just re-launched its blog which will now be updated on a weekly, if

Press release: Informal adult learning should target the socially excluded, and make the most of new technologies to level the learning playing field.

The message comes from UK online centres, who today welcomed John Denham’s White Paper, which puts informal learning and widening participation firmly back on the adult skills agenda.  Managing

IALA E-News March 2009

 Alternative Education: Standards, Descriptions,

Response to Bernard Trafford from Roland Meighan

Roland Meighan, one of our CPE-PEN trustees and directors responds to Bernard Trafford's Guardian letter. Dr Roland Meighan  D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc.(Soc)., L.C.P., Cert.Ed., and Fellow of the Royal Society of

Bernard Trafford: Guardian letter – Why Point The Finger at home-educators?

The Guardian Tuesday 31st March 2009  People are likely to stand back and think when Dr Bernard Trafford, one of the UK's leading headteachers speaks out in

Press release: New Blackboard Learn™ for Apple® iPhone™ Application Lets Users Take Learning on the Go

Free Application Lets Users Tap Into Mobile Learning Opportunities WASHINGTON—March 26, 2009—Building on its efforts to engage students and learners in a more personalized learning experience, Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ:

Press release: Special Needs North

Manchester Hosts Leading Education Show for Teachers, Parents and Carers  Event:             Special Needs North 2009 Date:               24 & 25 April 2009 Location:        Manchester Central (formerly known as GMEX)    Special Needs North 2009

Deschooling the Edublogosphere – Dougald Hine

Links here to Dougald Hine's own blog, his writing and a video about Ivan Illich. Those of you who are members of CPE-PEN will remember his recent PEN Journal article

Press release – new book: Children as Citizens? International Voices

What about the Children? Participation, Provision, Protection Title: Children as Citizens? Subtitle: International Voices In store from: March 2009. RRP: $45.00. ISBN 978 1 877372-62-9 Otago University Press Dunedin New Zealand The 20th anniversary of

AERO E-Newsletter 25th March 2009

AERO E-Newsletter 25th March 2009 Contents: 1) Reactions to President Obama Speech on Education 2) Two Great New Alfie Kohn DVDs  No Grades + No Homework = Better Learning  Unconditional Parenting 3) Nel

EO: New ContactPoint article

A new article entitled ContactPoint is \"almost certainly illegal\" has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

Press release: Informal learning could be a leveller for excluded groups

Informal learning could be a leveller for excluded groups Informal adult learning should target the socially excluded, and make the most of new technologies to level the learning playing

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