CPE-PEN Learning Exchange – Loughborough 5th April

Our latest learning exchange was a very successful day. For the first time CPE-PEN conducted its AGM within the proceedings.

Network members heard inputs accounting the latest work from PEN. This included the completion of our second animation ‘How Others See Us Part 2 (This will shortly be available on our websites and full links will be provided in this blog) and the development of our Learning Exchanges across the country. We’re delighted with the progress over the last 12-18 months and are already at the early stages of conversations for a further series over the next two years.

A number of others also shared their news and views. We welcomed Ann Beynon and Pip, Pia and Bess De La Marche to the network.

We briefly considered nominations for trustees and how we might develop creativity and further particiaption within the organization.

The morning included a report from Chris Shute of the Home-based Education Research we have conducted over the last four years followed by a discussion.

The afternoon focused on an input from Bill Coxon (Notschool / Inclusion Trust – see links section). Bill gave us a fascinating an overview of the organisation’s development and work.T his again was followed by a wide ranging discussion. The network was particularly exercised by how the Notschool model could develop to support and include any non-schooled or possibly flexischooled learner.

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