AERO April E-News: Education Circle of Change by Isaac Graves

I recently returned from a very interesting gathering called, Education Circle of Change. “The Education Circle of Change is an initiative to advance existing movement building in education and to bring different elements of the movement together.” The venue was the Children’s Defense Fund’s stunning Haley Farm in Clinton, Tennessee, thirty miles northwest of Knoxville. The gathering brought together organizers and activists from a wide variety of backgrounds representing a great diversity of educational work and thought. The premise of the gathering was “the belief that high quality learning opportunities can be created for everyone that embody and advance the values of democracy, justice and equity and that are holistic in approach and humanizing in practice.” As an educator and representative of AERO, the drive to attend this gathering came out of its simple, yet powerful goal: “…to seed and cultivate a vibrant, vision-based network for educational transformation.

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