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While this country treats its children and young people so shoddily (see post below) perhaps politicians could just take some time out from the soundbites and politics and take on board some of the wisdom about learning and life that […]

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BBC: UK ranked Low in Child Wellbeing

UK ranked Low in Child Wellbeing - It really doesn't get much worse. How many reports, how much evidence does our government need to redress this scandal? A table

Campaign for Learning Event: The Future of Academies

Michael Gove's recent revelation that Conservative education policy would include 'primary academies' was met with fierce opposition from unions and the government. Moreover, academies have been heavily debated

Press release: The National Learning Platforms Conference 2009

The essential conference for forward-thinking school leaders Achieving educational excellence through creativity and innovation Event: The National Learning Platforms Conference 2009 Date: Wednesday 10th June 2009 Time: 09:00 -16:30. Informal Drinks Reception:

AERO E-News 11.05.2009 – Where Do Children Play?

This item caught our eye regarding children / young people and lack of play. It is an issue  regularly aired in the UK. A television documentary is avaiable. Where

Primary Schools and Academy Status

Thanks to Michael Foot for this letter sent to Michael Gove MP regarding Conservative Party policy on Primary Schools and academy status  - 28th April 2009 Michael Gove Esq.,

Flotsam and Jetsam

Recent Headline Scan School place lotteries may be scrapped (Observer 1.3.09) Balls seeks power to dictate what textbooks GCSE and A-level students must study     (Guardian 19.3.09) Pupils to study Twitter and

Greater Expectations Project – Online Survey 14-19 year olds

As part of Futurelab’s ( Greater Expectations project here is a a link to an online survey for 14-19 year olds.  The survey will help shape the

Press release: WIDGIT learning platform plug-ins help the one in seven youngsters who do not speak English at home.

  Widgit Symbols appear when pupils point mouse at difficult words Recent reports highlighted a London school where 64 different languages are spoken and four out of five children do

Futurelab: New FREE handbook on curriculum and teaching innovation

Futurelab has just published a new handbook on digital inclusion, discussing the perceived benefits of inclusive education and how these benefits have changed the learner demographic of mainstream

Press release: TrueTube launches new debate: ‘I’m scared of death’

Award-winning secondary resource TrueTube launches a new issue discussing life and death, how we cope with bereavement and the afterlife. Young people are often affected by the death of

Press release: Is Private Sector Higher Education the Answer to UK University Overcrowding?

Private sector educators who offer UK university qualifications using off-campus learning methods may take up the shortfall in higher education places this September. These organisations provide identical degrees

Press release: Nottinghamshire County Council engages adult learners with interactive quizzes

Adult Learners Week: 9-15 May 2009   Inspiring adults from diverse backgrounds to give learning a go, the Adult and Community Learning Service (ACLS), part of Nottinghamshire County Council, is

Student voice – ESSA

For many young people learner voice begins with ESSA (English Secondary Student's Association.) Check out their website

Press release: Ministers fail to protect children from unfair treatment. Children’s Rights Alliance for England 27th April 2009

Children’s charities today accuse the Government of failing to protect children from discrimination.  The Equality Bill, a landmark piece of legislation, due to be published on Monday, will make

Conference on children and the media and details of MA course

CRIN - the Children's Rights Information Network -  ( - has kindly published a report of the open conference on Representations of Children in the News Media,

AlphaSmart Editorial: Learner voice leads the way

Learner voice leads the way Interaction, collaboration and personalised learning are high on the agenda for many a teacher in modern day education and, with the dramatic advances in

Howard Gardner – The Next Big Thing

We've all heard of Howard Gardner's work on multiple intelligences. His article in the influential US Magazine and Blog 'Foreign Policy'- global magazine of economics, politics and ideas

Learning at Work Day – 14th May 2009

Campaign For Learning Learning at Work Day is coming soon. Get people excited by ordering branded promotional material this year. Or you could download free posters. Don't forget

New York Times Editorial – Selling Obesity at School

Obesity in western cultures is at crises point. While much of the world struggles to get enough to eat the west goes headlong into unhealthy food consumption, food

Press release: UniServity’s ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ project opens a new world of 21st Century learning opportunities

Ground-breaking UniServity cLc Learning Platform Project opens a new world of cross-curricular and cross-cultural 21st Century learning opportunities for 10,000 students globally UniServity, the market leading Learning Platform provider

‘How Others See Us’ Animations

Many of you will have seen our 'How Others See Us' animation.

Press release: Schools should be embracing Twitter – Futurelab’s new handbook offers practical guidance on digital inclusion

One of the ways to offer a truly inclusive education for all young people is to embrace their diverse learning needs and encourage active participation on popular social

The Human Greatness Group

The Human Greatness Group may interest people within the PEN network and beyond. It comprises a USA based network of Researchers, Professors, Parents and Teachers concerned to modernize

The School Calendar

One of the ways mainstream schooling systems can begin to look at more radical transformations is by thinking about the whole idea of the school calendar. In the

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