Press release: Students can save thousands on degrees starting this September says RDI.

STUDENTS CAN SAVE THOUSANDS ON DEGREES STARTING THIS SEPTEMBER Says distance learning specialist, RDI Young people starting university this September can save thousands on their degree or diploma, according to distance learning specialist Resource Development International ( RDI – […]

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Edutopia News: 4th February 2009 –

PEN Comment: Edutopia news identifies a CBS News Video on exercising and learning Video: Pumping Up the Brain Researchers are finding that exercise can

Press release: Liverpool’s ‘Shelter from the storm’ sows the SEED for a KIND Education

As the credit crisis deepens Liverpool children’s charity KIND, recently described by playwright Alan Bleasdale as a ‘remarkable shelter from the storm’, knows that in times such as


OpenEYE consists of a unique and growing multi-disciplinary team of experts who have come together through a shared concern about Early Childhood in the UK. They have the

Teachers TV: Future Thinking

From Teachers TV It's The Future Of Education Week On Teachers TV This week it's The Future of Education Week on Teachers TV. Some interesting titles: 

Educational Heretics Press – 2009 Catalogue online now!

EHP Book Catalogue Educational Heretics Press is the essential read on education. It's also our very own. If you really want to think 'out of the box' and discover

Peter Hitchen – The coming war against Home Schoolers

PEN Comment: Daily Mail journalist Peter Hitchen writes about the 'The coming war against Home Schoolers' in his blog I  knew this was coming. The inflamed, all-seeing

Flux Blog: “Time for a change in the Education System” say Intel, Microsoft and Cisco.

PEN Comment: Futurelab's FLUX blog has a habit of bringing up interesting stuff. Once again the  call for radical systematic change in our education systems comes from beyond

Head-up on digital technologies: Horizon Report 2009

PEN Comment: for those of you who like to keep abreast of developments in digital technologies this long running qualitative research will keep you informed on the the implications

Washington Post: The Homework Debate

The Homework Debate. Kids, Parents and Teachers Disagree On How Much Is Too Much. Valerie Strauss. 27th Jnauary 2009. Read the article at PEN comment: This issue

Learner’s Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment.

CPE-PEN brought a number of ideas and resources which influenced the development of Futurelab's 'Learner's Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment.' There is now a video introducing Futurelab's

Press Release: Young people shout about informal learning on social networking sites with ShoutBox

Young people shout about informal learning on social networking sites with ShoutBox   Young people are being encouraged to recognise and showcase their learning outside the classroom with ShoutBox.

CfL Events: Apprentices, Leitch, Training and Adult Skills

The Role of Apprentices in the Recession 12 February 2009, 2pm - 4pm London This session will look at the contribution apprenticeship can make to the economy in the context of

Futurelab – two new FREE publications on innovative education and early years learning.

Supporting innovation in schools The new handbook, ‘Promoting Transformative Innovation in Schools’, is designed to prompt debate around the nature and purpose of innovation in schools. It aims to

Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier.

New Book: Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier. Edited by Wendy Priesnitz. 2008 ISBN 978-0920118-17-7. The Alternate Press, Canada. A collection of essays from a host (30)

John Taylor Gatto – Weapons of Mass Instruction.

Weapons of Mass Instruction. A Schoolteacher's Journey through the Dark World of Compulsory Schooling. John Taylor Gatto. HB ISBN 978-086571-631-5. New Society Publishers, British Columbia, Canada. From the

Educational Heretics Press – 2009 Catalogue

Educational Heretics Press - 2009 Catalogue ehpcatalog2009 EHP Book Catalogue Educational Heretics Press is the essential read on education. It's also our very own. If you really want

‘Creating a Movement: the struggle for Inclusive Education in the UK 1990 – 2006’ DVD

The videos on this DVD are also about political activism from direct action to the slippery process of legislation. They are of interest to everyone involved in or

Birmingham Musuem and Art Gallery – Service to Home-based Educators

Free service offered to home educators in the Midlands area (see below). We are  able to be very flexible as to the kind of themes we can cover. Best

Staffordshire University: Creative Communities Unit Newsletter

PEN Comment: News from our friends at the CCU. The Creative Communities Unit at Staffordshire University is currently developing a collaborative project with the University

CfL: Learning to Learn Conference 17 March 2009

Learning to Learn in FE Conference London Chamber of Commerce and Industry 33 Queen Street London EC4R 1AP 17 March 2009 Time: 10am - 4pm Cost: £175 plus VAT **Book before the end of January

Futurelab: January Newsletter – Resources.

New handbook: Reimagining outdoor learning spaces Our latest handbook focuses on the use and utility of outdoor space for play and learning, and aims to support those thinking about

IALA January E-News:

Range of Alternatives

We recently created the outline below showing the kinds of choices available to students in some parts of Minnesota. This may be similar to

Times Online Articles

Thanks to Paul Henderson for forwarding these three items from the Times Online Think tank: Bring on a teaching revolution Education should open pupils’ minds, not impart facts Don Tapscott. January

Shikshantar E-Patrika: Winter 2008-09

There's always energy and interest in the work of Shikshantar.   Here are some items from the winter E-Patrika. Upcoming Events Udaipur as a Learning City - It's wide, colorful and

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