Futurelab: New FREE handbook on curriculum and teaching innovation

Futurelab has just published a new report on curriculum and teaching innovation that is intended to provide guidance for educators interested in exploring the potential of personalisation to transform curriculum design and teaching practices. It is aimed primarily at educational leaders involved in curriculum and teaching innovation including head teachers, curriculum managers, classroom teachers and local authorities. It should also be relevant to teacher training agencies and departments.

‘Curriculum and teaching innovation: transforming classroom practice and personalisation’ should be used for schools to devise aims and objectives for curriculum and teaching innovations, and to inform the decision-making process during long-term curriculum planning. The handbook is not a step-by-step guide to ‘doing’ innovation in school, nor a set of classroom resources.

To view the publication online and to request a FREE copy, please visit http://www.futurelab.org.uk/resources/publications-reports-articles/handbooks/Handbook1246

If you would like to request multiple copies to distribute to a network or at an event, then please e-mail claire.denney@futurelab.org.uk.

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