Press release: MOD announces a dynamic 21st Century Learning Environment for its overseas Service schools

The Ministry of Defence (MOD) announce a strategic educational partnership with UniServity, the leading Learning Platform provider, to support and enhance teaching and learning for children and families of Service personnel posted overseas

Service Children’s Education (SCE), an Agency of the MOD, has selected UniServity to provide the cLc (connected Learning communities) Learning Platform, to 40 SCE schools located in Belize, Belgium, Brunei, Cyprus, Falkland Islands, Germany, Gibraltar, Netherlands and Italy. UniServity replaces the previous supplier as the new SCE Learning Platform provider after a comprehensive re-tender process to meet the unique requirements of SCE and its community of schools.

The cLc Learning Platform will provide over 10,000 learners, their families and teachers with 21st Century Web 2.0 Social Learning tools to support SCE’s aim of providing a first class system of schools and an effective and efficient education service, from Foundation Stage through to Sixth Form; enabling children to benefit from their residence abroad.

The cLc Learning Platform will become an integral part of SCE school life from September 2009, following a comprehensive UniServity training and support programme for SCE schools, teachers, learners and their families. The cLc Learning Platform will support the unique circumstances of children and their families attending SCE schools, who move frequently during their schooling years. The safe and secure Social Learning capabilities of the cLc Learning Platform break down the traditional barriers of the classroom and makes anytime and anywhere learning a reality. Children will find it easy to share their school life and keep in touch while a parent or guardian may be away on a tour of duty or exercise; or with friends after moving to a new location.

SCE schools will join the UniServity connected Learning communities of circa. 2 million learners around the world and have the opportunity to collaborate and co-construct knowledge with learners from the USA to China. Hornbill School, an SCE school in Brunei, has already actively participated in the UniServity cLc Collaborative Project ‘It’s a Small World’.

James Foley, SCE Commercial Manager commented “SCE Agency is pleased to announce that UniServity has won the competitive re-let of the Provision of a Virtual Learning Environment for SCE schools over the next 3 to 5 years. UniServity demonstrated sound technical capability, a clear customer focus and ultimately represented Best Value For Money for the UK taxpayer’s purse in what was a very competitive re-let process.”

Alan Wood, CEO, UniServity added, “We are extremely proud to welcome SCE Schools, their learners, families and teachers into the expanding cLc learning communities. The cLc Learning Platform provides the 21st Century Social Learning tools to empower learners and meet the unique circumstances of SCE schools globally. SCE share our pedagogical vision of supporting teaching and improving educational learning outcomes.”

About UniServity: 

Founded in the U.K. in 1999, UniServity is the global leader in next generation Web 2.0 learning. UniServity cLc (connected Learning communities) Learning Platform provides a secure social learning environment and tools to enhance learning, collaboration, communication and administration. The cLc serves as a container for favourite Web 2.0 applications, creating safe spaces to empower students and teachers; enabling co-construction; local and global collaboration; authentic learning and formative assessment. The cLc serves circa. 2 million learners and teachers across 21 countries. The cLc places schools in a secure, contained, systemised, pedagogically-sound, sustainable 21st century learning framework. UniServity has offices in the UK, USA, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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