Paul Henderson. Thinking aloud about MOOCs

Lessons from MOOCs  In previous writings I have hypothesised that one of the reasons for the success of alternative learning environments is that they provide far greater opportunities for dynamic formative assessment than conventional classroom environments. I had thought that […]

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Paul Henderson. Thinking aloud on Alternative Learning.

Paul challenges mainstream schooling to wake up. When Will the Sleeping Giant Wake Up? Research into alternative learning has shown us many things. It has shown us that conventional

Paul Henderson: Thinking aloud on Pedagogical Research

I really look forward to contact from Paul. He is a peripatetic music teacher and home educator. He knows and understands manistream schooling and the elective home education

National Network of Flexischools.

Dr Roland Meighan presents Janette Mountford-Lees, Headteacher of Hollinsclough CE Primary with the National Network of Flexischools registration certificate. At the Flexischooling Conference the Centre for Personalised Education

Campus Directions FlexLex Sunday 21st April 2013

Please find attached the on campus directions for the Flexischooling Conference this Sunday 21st April at Charnwood College,

Flexischooling Challenge: Contact your local MP

With thanks to Martin Winfield and Alison Sauer for the following.


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Flexischooling Update

Given everything that has and is going on in relationship to flexischooling over the last couple of months we'd really love to see as many people as possible

Flexischooling Learning Exchange Sunday 21st April 2013

Flexischooling Learning Exchange Sunday 21st April 2013

Members and the wider network of friends are invited to join us at this event.


Manara Academy, Leicester. OPEN DAY, Wed 30th January 2013

Teacher Presentations and Montessori Taster Activities Manara Academy offers a quality, Montessori and Classical-inspired, challenging curriculum for boys and girls ages 5-16 in a caring Islamic environment,

Flexischooling Learning Exchange 21st April, Loughborough, UK

Please put Sunday 21st April in your diary. CPE-PEN will be holding a Flexischooling Learning Exchange / Conference at Charnwood College, Loughborough. Programme details to follow shortly but this

Chris Shute 1941-2012

 It is with deep sadness that trustees of CPE-PEN record the passing of our dear friend and colleague Chris Shute on the 9th December 2012. Over recent years Chris

CPE-PEN Flexischooling Guidance

You might like to check out our latest journal providing Flexischooling information and guidance. This will be useful to all parties and assist in gaining a shared understanding


Taken from his recent book Declaring War Against Schooling—Personalizing Learning Now Don is forthright in his call for action. Its hard for us to challenge Don's voice and experience

Flexischooling in Arizona, USA

Flexischooling in Arizona, USA Samantha Eddis Flexischooling is just not an issue in many countries around the world. Samantha’s four children have experienced flexischooling (dual enrolment) in Arizona over the

Virtual Flexischooling

Our Virtual Flexischooling Sharon Currie Sharon shares her experience of educating her son Greg. Faced with a range of challenges that make the traditional school environment impossibility, Greg appears to

Book Review: Clare Lawrence (2012) Autism and Flexischooling. A Shared Classroom and homeschooling Approach.

Book Review: Clare Lawrence (2012) Autism and Flexischooling. A Shared Classroom and homeschooling Approach. Jessica Kingsley, London. ISBN-10: 1849052794  ISBN-13: 978-1849052795 By Peter Humphreys  It was with no small degree of self-interest

Challengin​g Every Child of Every Ability – flexischoo​ling as a solution

Thank you to Alison Sauer for this post. Challengin​g Every Child of Every Ability - flexischoo​ling as a solution Dear head teacher, Ofsted are now focusing, in inspection, on the

Call for experiences of flexischooling around the world.

I'm just reposting prior material about the Flexischooling / journal / manual / guide we're producing. It's going very well at the moment and will become a valuable

Flexischooling – Dr Roland Meighan

Flexischooling Roland reflects on the origins of flexischooling  The idea of flexischooling came to my attention in the 1970’s. As I began to research home–based education in UK I found

Flexischool Journal / ‘Manual’ Contributions

Flexischool Journal / ‘Manual’ Contributions Hope everyone will try and get to Flexible Futures–Progressive Education Flexischooling conference on 2 Nov . At CPE-PEN…Centre for Personalised Education–Personalised Education Now

Centre for Personalised Education Flexi-mark for flexi-settings

Flexi-mark Logo Design CPE-PEN are developing a Flexi-mark which could be used to value and support Flexi-settings in their relations with LAs / Ofsted etc. It could also be

Autism and Flexischooling: A Shared Classroom and Homeschooling Approach. Author Clare Lawrence

Autism and Flexischooling: A Shared Classroom and Homeschooling Approach. Author Clare Lawrence  Amazon link - Publication Date: 15 Jun 2012 | ISBN-10: 1849052794 | ISBN-13: 978-1849052795 A growing number of

Educational Heretics Press

Educational Heretics Press CPE-PEN (Centre for Personalised Education–Personalised Education Now has a publishing partner – Educational Heretics Press Here you will find

CPE-PEN Flexischooling Special Journal

Readers may wish to take a look at our Flexischooling Special Journal (Number 16) that accompanied our April Flexischooling Learning Exchange. This will give some context to the flexischooling

Flexible Futures – Progressive Education – Conference line-up

A National Flexischooling Conference:  Flexible Futures - Progressive Education’.  2nd November 2012, Britannia Hotel, Coventry. Conference Line Up Dr Paul Kelley Best known for his innovative headship of Monkseaton High School in

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