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Flexi-mark Logo Design

CPE-PEN are developing a Flexi-mark which could be used to value and support Flexi-settings in their relations with LAs / Ofsted etc. It could also be used as an easily recognisable identifier for families seeking ‘flexi-friendly’ schools. Ultimately, we’re seeking something relatively simple and sustainable. Essentially a self-assessment process backed up by some testimonials from school, families and learners.

It would be marvellous if at the November 2nd Flexischooling Conference … Flexible Futures – Progressive Education http://www.sc-education.co.uk/flexischooling-conference  we could make the first awards to those settings that have already been the trailblazers. These would include Hollinsclough CE Primary School (North Staffordshire), http://www.hollinsclough.staffs.sch.uk/Flexi.htm , The Manara Academy (Leicester),  http://www.s367818431.websitehome.co.uk/manara-academy/flexi-schooling/  Erpingham CE Primary School (Norfolk) http://www.erpinghamprimaryschool.co.uk/smartweb/school/flexi-schooling . Howard School (Tamworth), http://www.howardprimary.co.uk/flexi.php  St Marys CE Primary (Mucklestone, Staffs)  http://www.st-marys-mucklestone.staffs.sch.uk/flexi.asp  .

 So we need a logo! What can you come up with? What image(s) conjure up the flexischooling ethos and have clear visual impact. A flexi-mark will be awarded to settings that can accommodate and work in clear partnership with flexischoolers in the express interests of the children. The logos would be used on websites, headed paper, setting signage etc. We’re offering a £50 prize for any winning design(s). Send all designs to via email (scans / attachments etc. A high a resolution as possible) to personalisededucationnow@blueyonder.co.uk   or hard copies to our General Office….

Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education Now

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