Call for experiences of flexischooling around the world.

I’m just reposting prior material about the Flexischooling / journal / manual / guide we’re producing. It’s going very well at the moment and will become a valuable first ‘one -stop’ resource. I’ll gladly recieve contributions of any size up until 10th October. I’d particularly like to get some items from anyone who has experienced / or knows of flexischooling in other parts of the world. In many other countries flexischooling is just not an issue… first hand commentary would be really helpful.

Flexischool Journal / ‘Manual’ / ‘Guide’ Contributions
Hope everyone will try and get to Flexible Futures–Progressive Education Flexischooling conference on 2 Nov .
At CPE-PEN…Centre for Personalised Education–Personalised Education Now we’d like to add to our last Flexischooling Special Journal and publish again for the conference. Eventually we’d like to work up the current special journal into a Flexischooling Manual… an inspirational and practical resource for families, LAs and Schools. It would of course support our engagement with parliament, DfE, Ofsted and importantly the media. Ultimately, the intention would…be to keep this ‘Manual’ continuously updated so that it provided a comprehensive ‘one-stop’ introduction to flexischooling for anyone enquiring about it. It would contain exact positions regarding the law, attendance, registration etc and have exemplar documentation, suggested guidance etc. Available in digital form, hard copy, on websites and links it could be yet again an important way of building the network and driving an informed flexischooling agenda.
It would be great if we could get our next version launched at the November Flexischooling Conference. We would really welcome contributions from flexi families / aspiring flexi families (from 50 words up to 1500 words, photographs, diagrams, cartoons all accepted).This is not a matter of lengthy, scholarly articles rather capturing a range of useful, practical, inspiring stories and information. Some folks have also experienced flexischool approaches in other countries… hearing about these would be very powerful. So… please send your contributions to … add your name and any biographical details you’d like to see in print. We will clearly have to go through some selection process for our hard copy publication but other material can be easily used digitally on websites, blogs etc We’ll need any copy by October 10th at the very latest (earlier preferred) to ensure editing, and printing deadlines.

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