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Its full steam ahead for the next phase of bringing flexischooling to the wider educational and public audience. Our own Flexischooling Learning Exchange proved to be a very well attended and terrific event Alison Sauer (Sauer Consultancy) has been so […]

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Flexischooling – Building the Network

The CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange resolved to continue the process of building the flexischooling network and developing advocacy strategies with government and its agencies, local authorities and schools. BUILDING

Flexischooling Learning Exchange – Reflections

Without doubt our April Flexischooling Exchange proved to be one our our most successful events in recent years. In a packed lecture theatre Exchange participants from all over

Flexischooling Learning Exchange 28th April- Last Call

The last few days to join us in Loughborough on Saturday 28th April for our Flexischooling Learning Exchange / Conference. Always refreshing and stimulating inputs and debate. Saturday

Flexischooling Learning Exchange – 28th April

The Flexischooling Learning Exchange is approaching rapidly (28th April). We are already assured of a good turn out but there are some places still available in our larger

CPE-PEN Flexischooling Learning Exchange



‘rigid systems produce rigid people, flexible systems produce flexible people’ Dr Roland Meighan

 CPE-PEN Presents a Flexischooling Learning Exchange

Saturday 28th April

CfL: New Policy Blog

The Campaign for Learning launches today its new weekly policy blog 'For Learning', which you can find at

Udacity – online classes

News from THE CHRONICLE of Higher Education... Wired Campus.
Stanford Professor Gives Up Teaching Position, Hopes to Reach 500,000 Students at Online Start-Up January

Terrorism and Our Children — Some Advice from Margaret Mead

 Thank you to Professor Edith King for this article.   Terrorism and Our Children -- Some Advice from Margaret Mead  Edith W. King, Professor  Margaret Mead, Anthropologist  The examination of culture is the

elearningeuropa.info Jan 2012

New competition in informal learning. After leading a successful competition for social

IDEC 2012 Puerto Rico

OpenEye January Update

Items from the OpenEye January 2012 Update
We were astonished to see that the government's response, far from being sensitive to the items

Journal for Co-operative Studies Special Education Edition

Thank you to Maureen Breeze for the following...

Good to see this education  special edition  from the Journal of Co-operative Studies.

Flexischooling from ad hoc to tip of an iceberg?

We've reported many times on the growing number of flexischooling initiatives.  The concept originated with our own leading light Dr Roland Meighan  http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/ http://www.rolandmeighan.co.uk/ and discussions held with  John

Don Glines: New Book.

  At CPE-PEN we're always delighted to support the work of Don Glines. He's delivered a blockbuster here. Don has successfully got to grips with personalisation

Flexischool Places available

Fancy a flexischool arrangement with your youngsters? Four opportunities have arisen below. The flexischooling concept is one of  CPE-PEN's primary foci at the moment. There is great interest. We

The Future of Learning Conference and Free Festival

It's worth having a good look at the elements of this conference... presenters, topics etc. Its likely to be a very interesting event all round.

Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers Around the World

New book from Charles Leadbeater... Innovation in Education: Lessons from Pioneers Around the World. This is a 'head up' on the book. Charles Leadbeater is always a good,

‘The Purpose of Education: A Need for an Extensive Public Debate’

Our good friend Dr Tim Rudd has been stirring up public and political eductaional debate for some time.  To kick off 2012 he's attempting to get 100,000 signatures on

Ed Yourself – January 2012

With great thanks to Fiona Nicholson for news from the Home Education world.

Ongoing:Local Authority Support with Finding Exam Centre

85% of local authorities have now sent

IALA International Association for Learning Alternatives: Winter News

Excerpts from IALA's winter news

TIDE: Teachers In Development Education. January Campaign

I can honestly say I probably learned more about learning and teaching with my career long association with the Development Education Centre (Birmingham) now TIDE - (Teachers in

Narratives from the Nursery: Negotiating Professional Identities in Early Childhood.

Dear all,  We will be holding a book launch for Jayne Osgood's new book: Narratives from the Nursery: Negotiating Professional Identities in Early Childhood.  The book launch will take place on

AERO E-news 25.11.2011

Excerpt from Aero's newsletter 25.11.2011

Dear friends of AERO, Last Sunday we did a very successful first Internet radio show based on our current school starter's class.

Children, Young People and Adults: Extending the Conversation

The Centre

for Children and Young People’s Participation

promoting and researching participation, inclusion and empowerment

First announcement and Call for Papers for

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