CPE-PEN Flexischooling Guidance

You might like to check out our latest journal providing Flexischooling information and guidance. This will be useful to all parties and assist in gaining a shared understanding of the potential of Flexischooling


p.1           Title and picture page
pp.2-4     Flexischooling, Personalisation and New learning Systems  –  Peter Humphreys
pp.5-6     Hollinsclough CE VA Primary School Flexischooling Project… One Year On  – Janette Mountford-Lees
p.7           Flexischooling and Autism – Clare Lawrence
p.8            Autism and Flexischooling. A Shared Classroom and  Homeschooling Approach – Clare Lawrence
pp.8-9    Book Review: Clare Lawrence (2012) Autism and  Flexischooling. A Shared Classroom and  Homeschooling Approach – Peter Humphreys
pp.9-10   Our Virtual Flexischooling – Sharon Currie    
pp.10-12  An Interview with Simon East, Headteacher at Erpingham CE Primary School – Simon East
pp.13-14  Reflections on Flexischooling – Fatima D’Oyen
pp.15-16  Flexischooling in Arizona – Samantha Eddis
pp.17-19  Flexischooling – Philip Toogood.
pp.20-21  Flexischooling information for Local Authorities and Schools – Alison Sauer
pp.22-23  Flexischooling, the Law and Attendance Regulations – Alison Sauer
pp.23-28  Flexischooling Information for Parents and Schools– Alison Sauer
p.29            Flexischooling – Parental Satisfaction – Peter Humphreys
pp.29-30  Flexischooling – Ofsted and other External Inspection – Peter Humphreys
p.31            Flexischooling – The Numbers – Alison Sauer
p.32           The Flexi-Mark and National Network of Flexischools  – Peter Humphreys
p.33           Flexischooling – A Personal History – Dr Roland Meighan
p.34:          Flexischooling Links

If you would like hard copies please write or phone Janet Meighan at

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Tel: 0115 9257261

The cost will be £5 to cover printing and postage.

Digital Copies are freely available from any of the following the Flexischooling Facebook Groups




Or request from personalisededucationnow@blueyonder.co.uk

Please feel free to distribute, repost and flag up the digital copies and hard copy availability.

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