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Given everything that has and is going on in relationship to flexischooling over the last couple of months we’d really love to see as many people as possible at the Flexischooling Conference … details in the prior post. Various reinterpretations by the government have led to uncertainty  about the future of flexischooling. We believe these shifts to be innappropriate, possibly illegal and certainly procedurally unjust. Full details of the ‘flexischooling debacle can be followed blow by blow on the  Facebook networks.. Flexischooling & Flexischooling Families UK. There are also summaries on Fiona Nicholson’s site EdYourself www.edyourself.org . A robust campaign is already in action. Government as a minimum must stop and consult with stakeholders.
Alison Sauer added the following update on the flexischooling social networks on the 21st March

The 42 page briefing document will be finished early next week and ready for folks to use

Lord Lucas (our champion in the Lords) will be meeting with Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Schools, next week re flexischooling. He tells me Lord Nash is ‘waiting for an intelligible reply from another minister’s office’ before meeting……I leave you to interpret that!

I have sent an email to Pat Glass MP, the Acting Chair of the Education Select Committee, on the flexischooling debacle to date. I suspect she will be able to do very little because she will be well and truly overworked for the next couple of months with the bigger fish the Committee has to fry but it is important she is kept in the loop I feel.

I am working on finding a champion (a backbencher) in the Commons to poke the DfE on Flexischooling in the House. I was a little despondent about this but may have found one tonight. If she decides to take up the standard I will inform everyone who she is. She is already involved in supporting flexischooling families locally.

Two FOIs went in just now. These have been carefully written to prove that procedure, due process, research, good advice and analysis has NOT underpinned this decision.



The petition has 1800 or so signatures. We need more and the petitioners would be grateful for all the help they can get.

E-Petition: Revoke guidance on prohibiting flexischooling http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/47147

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