Taken from his recent book Declaring War Against Schooling—Personalizing Learning Now Don is forthright in his call for action. Its hard for us to challenge Don’s voice and experience (indeed we wouldn’t want to!), he is in the end, absolutely correct. Without action, talk and the pen at best keep the candle burning for ideas but they do not improve the lot of learners and families. For those of us who principally campaign with the voice and pen we are but one small part of a broader alliance challenging the status quo. We do influence, persuade and support others to set up projects and take action. Within our CPE-PEN network there are countless projects pioneering innovative educational approaches and breaking the notion of one-size schooling. Sadl,  they don’t constitute the mass movement required to really shift the prevailing paradigms but we play our part according to the capacity we have we we will never be accused of standing silently by. Indeed, we must thank Don for the many citations of CPE-PEN and Roland Meighan in his book. We know how highly he regards our work. Our current advocacy and support for flexischooling represents our main area of action. Shifting our engagement from the alternative margins to direct interaction and challenge to mainstream is a new departure for us. It represents a confidence and maturity that we can successfully do both. In our small way we hope we do rise to Don’s challenge for action as well as the pen.

Don’s think piece is found in the F.M. Duffy reports. Glines, D. (2012). Action now against one-size schooling. The F. M. Duffy Reports, 17(4), pp. 1-23. The F. M. Duffy Reports, Vol 17, No. 4

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