‘How Others See Us’ Animations

Many of you will have seen our ‘How Others See Us’ animation. We have now developed a Part 2 which follows on from the original. These animations beg some fundmental questions about how we educate and what we do to […]

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The Human Greatness Group

The Human Greatness Group may interest people within the PEN network and beyond. It comprises a USA based network of Researchers, Professors, Parents and Teachers concerned to modernize

Home schooling – a vision of the future? Telegraph 11th April 2009

James Bartholomew, Telegraph 11th April 2009 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/5136420/Home-schooling---a-vision-of-the-future.html We'd certainly subscribe to the sentiments in this article. We have long argued that we have much to learn from home-based education. Let

InspirED e-news March 2009

Issue 3, March 2009. Futurelab's  InspirED - a collection of news and stories to inspire anyone interested in innovative approaches to teaching and learning. This site is updated

Life Media April News: Unschooling as the Ultimate Feminist Act

Some people think, stereotypically, that women who choose to work at home so they can facilitate life learning for their children are regressively un-feminist. So unschooling pioneer and

Response to Bernard Trafford from Roland Meighan

Roland Meighan, one of our CPE-PEN trustees and directors responds to Bernard Trafford's Guardian letter. Dr Roland Meighan  D.Soc.Sc., Ph.D., B.Sc.(Soc)., L.C.P., Cert.Ed., and Fellow of the Royal Society of

Bernard Trafford: Guardian letter – Why Point The Finger at home-educators?

The Guardian Tuesday 31st March 2009 http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/mar/31/home-schooling  People are likely to stand back and think when Dr Bernard Trafford, one of the UK's leading headteachers speaks out in

Deschooling the Edublogosphere – Dougald Hine

Links here to Dougald Hine's own blog, his writing and a video about Ivan Illich. Those of you who are members of CPE-PEN will remember his recent PEN Journal article

Film: On Education by Raja Mohanty

On Education 

Film made by Raja Mohanty. Education is all about controlling and shaping the minds of the young. A movie worth seeing for everyone interested in

‘Pupils will never learn unless we make it fun’

Pupils will never learn unless we make it fun Yes, children need literacy and numeracy, but they also need the space to socialise, run about, sing and engage with

A more useful and radical proposal.

PEN Comment: We can have as many reviews and reports as we like but the default education remains. One or two key radical proposals could really change the

Camridge Review – ‘Where does it leave us now’ asks Polly Curtis, education editor The Guardian, Friday 20 February 2009

Where Does it Leave us Now - Polly Curtis, education editor The Guardian, Friday 20 February 2009     http://www.guardian.co.uk/education/2009/feb/20/primary-education-review PEN Comment: Polly rightly asks the question will it happen?

Camridge Primary Review briefing

Briefing document: Towards a new curriculum: a report from the Cambridge Primary Review (PDF

Cambridge Primary Review: report on the primary curriculum

The report presents the Review’s evidence on current arrangements together with proposals for the future. It is directed towards the longer term but is published now in order

Futurelab: E-News February 2009

PEN Comment: There's always loads of interest and learning to absorb with Futurelab News. Where do you look first?! Fountaineers case study - part 2 The Fountaineers project engages pupils

Getting there? Two thinkers moving towards CPE-PEN perspectives

PEN Comment: It's worth casting around occasionally to see where the edge of educational thought lies. Two influential thinkers are indicating they are  they are moving in the

Recommended: School of Everything Blog

PEN Comment: It's good to track the development nad thinking of The School of Everything. Do check out their blog at http://schoolofeverything.com/blog Pick up the series of articles

Educational Heretics Press – 2009 Catalogue online now!

EHP Book Catalogue Educational Heretics Press is the essential read on education. It's also our very own. If you really want to think 'out of the box' and discover

Futurelab: January Newsletter – Resources.

New handbook: Reimagining outdoor learning spaces Our latest handbook focuses on the use and utility of outdoor space for play and learning, and aims to support those thinking about

Life Media E-Newsletter: January 2009

 Free Skools: Learning For Its Own Sake Most of our readers are familiar with the term "free school" as it relates to a democratic alternative school for children. But

Times Online Articles

Thanks to Paul Henderson for forwarding these three items from the Times Online Think tank: Bring on a teaching revolution Education should open pupils’ minds, not impart facts Don Tapscott. January

CfL Policy Pamphlet: ‘Higher Education And The Cuckoo In The Nest’

The Campaign for Learning’s new policy pamphlet on Part Time HE has been announced.  Entitled ‘Higher Education And The Cuckoo In The Nest’, the report, prepared by Policy

Edutopia News 10th December 2008

World Without Walls: Learning Well with Others. How to teach when learning is everywhere. Fascinating article by by Will Richardson Edutopia Magazine December 2008. It begins: Earlier this

The Folly of Growth

Many thanks to Paul Henderson for the following: I'd like to draw your attention to a fascinating collection of articles in the 18th of October special issue of New

Education Otherwise: Home Ed Article on EO Campaign Website

A new article entitled Home educating journalist's article in the Independent has been posted on the EO Campaign website,

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