Getting there? Two thinkers moving towards CPE-PEN perspectives

PEN Comment: It’s worth casting around occasionally to see where the edge of educational thought lies. Two influential thinkers are indicating they are  they are moving in the right direction. We can recommend

Charles Leadbeater – What’s next 21 Ideas for 21st century Learning

Charles  Leadbeater own website –

Ken Robinson – Fertile minds need feeding. Are schools stifling creativity?

Ken Robinson tells Jessica Shepherd why learning should be good for the soul.
Jessica Shepherd The Guardian, Tuesday 10 February 2009

PEN Comment:We would of course ask Charles and Ken to look closer at ideas like the ‘Catalogue Curriculum’ and ‘invitational’ institutions (particularly convivial, all-age community-based learning centres). Issues of choice and the support of a wide range of people including ‘pedagogues’ within the learning landscape  also need fully unpicking. Nonetheless boys keep up the good work. We’d be happy to enagage with you and take your ideas  forward.

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