Parents condemn plans for councils to ‘police’ home education

A very lively and interesting set of posts follow the article : Parents condemn plans for councils to ‘police’ home education in Kent Online 24th June 2009 by the political editor Paul Francis. It begins… Parents have criticised plans to […]

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ABC Television: ‘Education systems too narrow’: Sir Ken Robinson

'Education systems too narrow': Sir Ken Robinson Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Broadcast: 16/06/2009. Reporter: Kerry O'Brien Sir Ken Robinson, a leading thinker on education, creativity and innovation, who has advised various

Other learning models video: Imagine a school… Summerhill

Continuning this thread of posts. How sad it would be if we lost what diversity we had in the educational landscape. How sad this diversity is not available

Other learning models video: Democratic education at Sands School

  Democratic education at Sands School   

Other learning models video: Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP)

Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP) is a modified independent study program that serves students in grades 9-12 in Sacramento, CA. This small school setting offers students...

Flexischooling – advice for Ed Balls

CPE/PEN (as Education Now) have been  advocating that Flexischooling is a good idea since at least 1988 (see Flexischooling. Education for tomorrow, starting yesterday by Dr Roland Meighan

Telegraph: ‘Victorian’ primary curriculum ruining children’s education, says academic

'Victorian' primary curriculum ruining children's education, says academic Primary school lessons are being reduced to "the trading of obsolete facts" simply to pass exams, according to Professor Robin Alexander,

Press release: Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL

Social networks and Internet need to be ‘interwoven together’ – EifEL by Jason Seebaruth The social networks and Internet of tomorrow will mean existing as an ‘internet of subjects’

EO Campaign news: Roland Meighan Response to Review Report

A new article entitled Roland Meighan Response to Review Report has been posted on the EO Campaign website, The EO link reads Saturday 20 June Roland Meighan Response to Review

Teachers Without Masks: a Sudbury Alternative

Teachers Without Masks: a Sudbury Alternative by Bruce Smith blog Published June 13, 2009 @ 08:04AM PT Interesting article re Sudbury schools and the subject of learner

Our learning systems are not learning!

Why boys can't keep up with the girls. As women outperform men in higher education, how can we encourage boys to make it to university and beyond? Lee Elliot Major

Book: Life Learning. Lessons from the Educational Frontier.

While education and learning continues to struggle to meet personal, family and societal need its so refreshing to read some solid common sense. The world has and is

Futurelab Scenario Posters: Adult Informal Learning, Family Learning, Games and Learning

From April 2008 Futurelab started a programme of work - supported by Becta - to contribute to the 'Harnessing Technology: Next Generation Learning 2008-14' strategy launched in July

Edutopia – Digital Generation Project Video

The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) Edutopia E-newsletter 27th May includes  their Digital Generation Project Video. A useful reminder to many that the world of our young people

An Exploration of the work of Noam Chomsky

An Exploration of the work of Noam Chomsky Dr Tony Miller - RGU Monday 1st June. 5.30pm, Bridge View, 1 North Esplanade West, Aberdeen, AB11 5QF Rebel without a Pause This discussion

Futurelab E-News May 2009

Some interesting and relevant items from Futurelab's latest newsletter: Adult Informal Learning This project, also part of the Harnessing Technology work programme, is investigating the role that digital technologies play

Life Learning

While this country treats its children and young people so shoddily (see post below) perhaps politicians could just take some time out from the soundbites and politics and

BBC: UK ranked Low in Child Wellbeing

UK ranked Low in Child Wellbeing - It really doesn't get much worse. How many reports, how much evidence does our government need to redress this scandal? A table

AERO E-News 11.05.2009 – Where Do Children Play?

This item caught our eye regarding children / young people and lack of play. It is an issue  regularly aired in the UK. A television documentary is avaiable. Where

Flotsam and Jetsam

Recent Headline Scan School place lotteries may be scrapped (Observer 1.3.09) Balls seeks power to dictate what textbooks GCSE and A-level students must study     (Guardian 19.3.09) Pupils to study Twitter and

Press release: Is Private Sector Higher Education the Answer to UK University Overcrowding?

Private sector educators who offer UK university qualifications using off-campus learning methods may take up the shortfall in higher education places this September. These organisations provide identical degrees

Press release: Ministers fail to protect children from unfair treatment. Children’s Rights Alliance for England 27th April 2009

Children’s charities today accuse the Government of failing to protect children from discrimination.  The Equality Bill, a landmark piece of legislation, due to be published on Monday, will make

Conference on children and the media and details of MA course

CRIN - the Children's Rights Information Network -  ( - has kindly published a report of the open conference on Representations of Children in the News Media,

Howard Gardner – The Next Big Thing

We've all heard of Howard Gardner's work on multiple intelligences. His article in the influential US Magazine and Blog 'Foreign Policy'- global magazine of economics, politics and ideas

Moving from a Controlled to a Learning Society – John Raven

Thanks to Gordon Hall of then Deming Network for flagging up this presentation. Moving from a Controlled to a Learning Society John Raven Monday 27th April. 5.30pm, Bridge View, 1 North

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