AERO E-News October 2008. Ron Miller

A sample of Ron Miller’s  thinking was also featured in AERO’s October e-News: Educational Alternative – Not Just Alternative Education by Ron Miller. From In today’s increasingly complex world, families have access to a wider range of educational options […]

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The QI equation for an enriched IQ

The Times online has this  intriguing article by Tom Hodgkinson, editor of the Idler (orginally featured in the Sunday Times, 11 May.)  'The quirky methods behind TV’s QI

Blackboard Releases Report on Globalisation & Higher Education (Press Release)

 MANCHESTER, ENGLAND—May 13, 2008—Blackboard Inc. (NASDAQ: BBBB), a leading provider of educational enterprise technology, released a report today on major challenges and opportunities facing institutions of higher education

Lib Ed – New Articles

LibEd Bulletin NEW ARTICLES POSTED, MAY, 2008 EMERGING PERSPECTIVES ON CHILDHOOD Robin Alexander¹s keynote lecture at the conference on Childhood, Wellbeing and Primary Education organised by the General Teaching

The Propagation of Learning Part 6

This is the sixth and final part of Paul Henderson's Think Piece. Part 5 is within this blog and the previous parts can be obtained from our main website and the e-briefing


AERO  picked up the following video in their recent March e-newsletter. Democratic values, organisation and practice are core principles for Personalised Education Now - without them we can never

A New Website by AERO is now live!  This website serves as the virtual home for The Directory of Democratic Education as well as a location providing unique articles, essay, links,

Learning in a digital world

If you ever thought technology that won't change the our learning systems I urge you to see Bob Harrison's blog piece and especially the accompanying video on Futurelab's

The Propagation of Learning Part 5

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