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New handbook: Reimagining outdoor learning spaces
Our latest handbook focuses on the use and utility of outdoor space for play and learning, and aims to support those thinking about redesigning their outdoor spaces as part of the Primary Capital Programme or other initiatives. It is not a ‘how to’ manual, but an attempt to inspire, provoke thinking, offer a range of links, examples and ideas that encourage the reimagining of outdoor learning and play spaces.
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New literature review: Assessment and social justice
This review examines the role that educational assessment plays within a social justice context. It relates mainly to educational assessments for school-age students but draws on examples and experiences across the whole spectrum of ages and phases, and covers any form of assessment that has the potential to reduce the effects of a variety of disadvantages that learners may experience.
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Enquiring Minds: professional development materials
To support educators in exploring some of the issues and challenges around putting curriculum change into practice, we’ve produced a pack of professional development materials, which can be downloaded from the Enquiring Minds website. The aim is to support practitioners to stimulate discussions with their colleagues around the issues involved in curriculum change.
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Podcasts: Ben Williamson on computer games and education; Keri Facer on ‘reimagining teaching for the 21st century’
Two new podcasts in our series intended to disseminate some of the ideas and research presented by Futurelab at external events. Ben focuses on competing arguments about the role of computer games in supporting educational goals, while Keri discusses the current orthodox views of the future of teaching, and argues that these are inadequate.
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