Peele Community College, Lincolnshire Launches Lab 13… A pioneering science space managed by young people for young people

Tuesday 30th March sees the launch of Lab 13 at Peele Community College.  Peele Community College in Long Sutton, Lincolnshire will be unveiling its new dedicated science space, where experiments are driven by imagination and curiosity, independently of the curriculum. […]

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The social brain and the curriculum

From Antidote e-newsletter 24.03.2010 In a recent parliamentary debate , Shadow schools minister Nick Gibb expressed the view that ‘the mind is developed by learning and

Press release: Social networking gives euro teens a political voice in new British Council sponsored project

Social networking gives euro teens a political voice in new British Council sponsored project  Radiowaves is enabling students across Europe the opportunity to connect via its safe, social networking

New handbooks on home-school relationships and digital participation available from Futurelab

New handbooks on home-school relationships and digital participation available from Futurelab Futurelab is preparing to publish the conclusions of its latest research into home-school relationships and digital participation. We

Press release: YoungMinds frustrated over lack of commitment to young people’s wellbeing

Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) will not be made compulsory in schools, as parts of the Children, Schools and Family bill were abandoned yesterday. PSHE education

Shukla Bose – Parikrma Humanity Foundation, teaching kids in India’s slums.

This week on []; on behalf of; This week on [] 31.03.2010 Highly recommend the inspirational video from Shukla Bose. Education is more than just a numbers game,

Cisco Website Resources  There is currently some very interesting papers and resources on the Cisco site looking at Educational Futures. Emergent ideas are very much moving towards the CPE-PEN vision

Innovation Unit March 10 E-News

Some interesting items 1. Academies: a good model for the wrong reasons March 19, 2010 by Matthew Horne  2. Learning from the Extremes by Charles Leadbeater and Annika Wong An exciting

Futurelab: Making the Future Video

inspirEDInspiring innovation in education from Futurelab Issue 6. March 2010 Make the future – a video looking at ideas drawn from research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons programme, which considers

eLearningeuropa info: eLearning paper no. 18. New Learning for a New Society

eLearning Papers n° 18 New Learning for a New Society When Manuel Castells wrote his book on the Internet Galaxy in 2001 we could already see that knowledge

CPE-PEN Louhgborough Learning Exchange, Sun March 28th

Reminder about our forthcoming Learning Exchange. LOUGHBOROUGH LEARNING EXCHANGE 28.03.2010 Venue. Burleigh Community College, Thorpe Hill, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 4SQ. The Adult Centre (immediate right after entering the gate),  Travel Directions

The Guardian 09.03.2010 – The School of Everything

In the same Guardian paper as previous post more in our network are having substantial mainstream impact. Our friends at School of Everything had good coverage in a piece

CPE-PEN messages filtering into mainstream?

The Guardian.Tuesday 9th March 2010. Virtually perfect. Teaching is on a course for an idyll in which people learn at their own pace, in their own time, and

OpenEye E-News 11.03.2010

From OpenEye's E-news 11.03.2010... there's much wisdom to found in this The Student's Prayer Don't impose on me what you know, I want to explore the unknown And be the source

Futurelab Research Insights Day

Futurelab is holding a research insights day featuring findings from Futurelab’s current research, and offering the opportunity to consider the wider implications for education and learning. The day

DEMOS report: Ex Curricula

Shocking illustration of current values, child upbringing and social policies compunded by inappropriate early years education? Ex Curricula Our major new report found that one in ten five year olds

Life Learning Magazine – The Hall of Mirrors by John Taylor Gatto

John Taylor Gatto does make his points so well! See the following... The Hall of Mirrors by John Taylor Gatto From Life Learning Magazine. “As the twenty-first century begins its second

What Students say about Flexible Learning Centres in South East Queensland

What Students say about Flexible Learning Centres in South East Queensland... the overall schooling experience for young people from all backgrounds in Queensland. ... education "flexible learning" An interesting set

Democracy at Risk? Ask the Kids! by Laura Stine – AERO E-News 01.03.2010

The AERO E-News 01.03.2010 highlighted the following Democracy at Risk? Ask the Kids! by Laura Stine (posted on the Institute for Democratic Education in America's website) The other day,

The 7th Annual AERO Conference: Learner-Centered Alternatives for Everyone!

After the challenges of last year its great to see the Annual AERO Conference as strong as ever! The 7th Annual AERO Conference Learner-Centered Alternatives for Everyone! June 24th - 27th,

Futurelab E-Newsletter 66.. items

INFOCOW Work experience opportunity with Futurelab There is an exciting opportunity for you and a small number of students to work with Futurelab over the coming year. As part of

The Lessons: Hi Stakes Testing = Mis-Education

The Lessons: Hi Stakes Testing = Mis-Education A short video that contrasts the disastrous high stakes testing syndrome with a more creative cultural competency-based form of evaluating a student's

Times – ‘Bureaucracy’ is driving talented teachers out of schools, Tories claim

The Times, January 1st 2010. Nicola Woolcock, Education Correspondent.

Telegraph – Reading at five ‘fails to boost skills’

Children forced to read from the age of five are no better than those left without books until their seventh birthday, according to research.   By Graeme Paton, Education Editor.

Designs for Learning – Transforming outdoor spaces for education

Designs for Learning       Transforming outdoor spaces for education – make this event part of your CPD Tuesday 23rd March 2010, The American School of London NW8    97% of teachers believe that

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