Futurelab E-News May 2009

Some interesting and relevant items from Futurelab’s latest newsletter:

Adult Informal Learning
This project, also part of the Harnessing Technology work programme, is investigating the role that digital technologies play in adult informal learning. Outcomes now available include a policy recommendations report, a report for educators, and a scenarios poster illustrating some of the ways in which technologies can support adult learning.
Learning in Families
Another strand of our Becta-supported work programme, this project aims to provide greater understanding of learning in families, and to explore the potential of digital technologies to support this learning. Outcomes include a policy recommendations report, a report for educators, and a scenarios poster.
Greater Expectations video
Greater Expectations explores the issues that matter to young people in their lives and learning, asks how they can feel empowered and motivated to achieve their aspirations, learn about their entitlements and create change, and examines what role digital technologies can play in that process. A new video documents the first year of the project, and explores its overall purpose.
Learning spaces consultancy
We’re carrying out workshops and consultancy with schools and local authorities to support innovative thinking around school redesign. These activities are aimed at the pre-engagement or visioning phase of redesign programmes such as Building Schools for the Future and the Primary Capital Programme. Through working with staff, pupils and other key stakeholders, the aim is to challenge schools and authorities to think differently in creating a compelling vision of a transformed educational future and to explore the possibilities of space, curriculum and school redesign in order to develop approaches to education appropriate for the 21st century. For further information please e-mail tim.rudd@futurelab.org.uk.

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