An Exploration of the work of Noam Chomsky

An Exploration of the work of Noam Chomsky

Dr Tony Miller – RGU

Monday 1st June. 5.30pm, Bridge View, 1 North Esplanade West, Aberdeen, AB11 5QF

Rebel without a Pause

This discussion evening will explore the issues raised by probably the world’s leading academic in the humanities, Professor Noam Chomsky.  He ranks with Marx, Freud and the Bible as one of the top 10 quoted sources in the humanities, which gives some indication of the impact his ideas have made. What is more, his commentary and analysis are directly relevant to the world we presently live in.

Chomsky looks at society, at our political structures, at the media and is appalled.  This is not an opinionated, ivory tower academic; the strength of Chomsky’s views lies in his reliance on irrefutable evidence.  He thinks that the only solution is to radically change the way we manage our communities.

This DLN discussion evening, led Dr Tony Miller, will use video clips to introduce the views of Professor Noam Chomsky and will explore how the ideas of Deming may provide a framework for understanding Chomsky’s disturbing findings on our civilised western society.

As usual the fee to contribute to admin is £10 for members and £20 for non members.

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