Learning Exchange (LEX) – Alternative Educational Futures Saturday 25th March 2017

  Centre for Personalised Education         Learning Exchange (LEX) – Alternative Educational Futures            Saturday 25th March 1030-1630            Twitter: #AlternativeEducationalFutures Venue : Walsall College Hub After our enormously successful […]

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Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions.

Rudd, T. & Goodson, I. F. [Eds.] (2017).

Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions. Sense Publishers. Rotterdam/Boston/Taipei.

Negotiating Neoliberalism Rudd &


If you're interested in Self-Managed Learning you can't afford to miss this opportunity!

HE UK 17th Birthday

News from Mike Wood Hi It's the 17th Birthday of www.home-education.org.uk which went live on the 8th January 2000 This time each year I report on its

Encounters With Sociology by Edith W. King

Encounters With Sociology by Edith W. King Amazon: Kindle $5.95 2017

Do you wonder how to make sense of what goes on around you? Do

Global Learning Programme – Opportunities at Hollinsclough Primary for Home and flexi- educating families

Attention all Home/Flexi educating parents! Hollinsclough Academy (just south of Buxton Derbyshire), as a hub for the Global Learning Programme, would LOVE your input. We will be planning a series

Flexi-schooling at Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School

Flexi-schooling at Weston Lullingfields CE Primary School We are offering flexi-schooling at Weston Lullingfields. This is an opportunity for any family who would like to work in partnership with

Weston Lullingfield Primary School

Weston Lullingfield Primary School https://sites.google.com/site/testschoolssite/home ....head up on future postings. Judi Clarke (headteacher) reminds families they welcome flexischooling approaches

A dean from MIT is starting a radical new university with no majors, lectures, or classrooms

From QUARTZ  http://qz.com/605941 A new way of learning. (Reuters/Jason Reed)

January 29, 2016
A dean from MIT is starting

Educational Heretics Press – New Kindle Page

With thanks to Mike Wood for this update. is continuously developing its offer and ebooks are coming online. Visit the EHP Kindle Page

Toxic Schooling – Kindle Edition Offer

Knowledge is power Educational Heretics Press: announces a new KINDLE publication

“Toxic Schooling: How schools Became Worse”

by Professor Clive Harber

Available until

Educational Heretics Press … News update and first e-book.

Not only busy with HE UK Mike Wood has taken on Educational Heretics Press. Here is his latest update ... and news of teh first EHP e-Book. Following the

Home Education UK’s 16th Birthday

Over the last 16 years Mike wood has done a brilliant job with the HE UK website / resource. Good to celebrate its birthday!

Home Education UK’s

Conference – Alternative Educational Futures. June 17th 2016

Put this date in your diary! Head up on a Centre for Personalised Education Conference Alternative Educational Futures June 17th 2016. In memory of the late Prof Roland

Hollinsclough CE Primary Academy – Project Friday

Hollinsclough CE Primary Academy has been flexing its curriculum again. Since September they've been developing Project Friday. Check out what they've been up to!

NSPCC: Withdraw your report “Children Not Educated In School: Learning from case reviews”.

From Home Ed UK http://www.home-education.org.uk/

This is a petition to get the NSPCC to remove their inaccurate and biased analysis of Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) which attempts



With the support of Hollinsclough Primary Academy and the Centre for Personalised Education




18TH JULY 1230-1630


This event will be held for

BOOK REVIEW: Rothermel, P. (Ed)(2015) International Perspectives on Home Education.

Wendy Charles-Warner from the Centre for Personalised Education has reviewed the latest offering from Paula Rothermel on Home Education. It is a impressive (and currently very

Social Theories for Flexischoolers. Edith W. King

We thank our dear friend Edith W. King for this post. We have a job of work to do to raise awareness of the full possibilities of flexischooling

Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education

Sir Ken Robinson's latest book offering (April 2015) has been eagerly awaited and lauded  http://www.theguardian.com/books/2015/apr/23/creative-schools-revolutionising-education-from-the-ground-up-ken-robinson-lou-aronica-review. Sir Ken has certainly stirred up educational debate over recent years and provided

Center for Teaching and Learning, Maine.

From PBS Newshour, USA. April 29th 2015.

‘World’s best teacher’ does not believe in tests and quizzes

April 29, 2015 at 6:15 PM EDT

Flexischooling Learning Exchange

The Flexischooling Learning Exchange was a great little event yesterday. Thanks to everyone who made it, Some excellent contributions, support and ideas. More thoughts later this week. In

Flexischooling Events Updates

Hollinsclough Primary – Small Schools Event Just returned from Hollinsclough Primary http://hollinsclough.staffs.sch.uk/  today and their Flexischooling Event for Small Primary Schools. Great to talk to interested headteachers

REMINDER: Flexischooling Learning Exchange Saturday 18th April 2015

Flexischooling Learning Exchange Saturday 18th April 2015

Members and the wider network of friends are invited to join us at this event. Centre for Personalised Education – Personalised Education

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