Encounters With Sociology by Edith W. King

Encounters With Sociology by Edith W. King Amazon: Kindle $5.95 2017

Do you wonder how to make sense of what goes on around you? Do you realize that we live in an invisible social world – a world of common occurrences along with international calamities, terrorism, and natural disasters? People often seek explanations for these events and happenings for many reasons, among them to deal with a crisis or to plan for the future. Any inquisitive person using social theory can gain insights into the world we inhabit. You can apply major theories of sociology to experience and events happening every day. That’s what Encounters with Sociology is all about

THIS BOOK IS FOR anyone who is seeking explanations for experiences of daily life, the “small things” like eating at a restaurant or going to a football game. More importantly, it’s a way of coming to understand national and global happenings such as terrorism, earthquakes and tsunamis. This new version including new encounters, is useful for professionals and students from high school through higher education. It is for anyone looking for meaning and consequences of social occurrences.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Edith W. King, Educational Sociologist, taught at the university level for over fortyfive years. She is the author of more than eighteen texts, numerous articles, monographs, and multimedia materials on diversity, multi-ethnicity, gender issues, world awareness, global perspectives and peace building. Also by Edith King and available on Amazon: Kindle: Educating Students in Times of Terrorism (2016) and Social Thought on Education (2014).

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