Weston Lullingfield Primary School

Weston Lullingfield Primary School https://sites.google.com/site/testschoolssite/home ….head up on future postings. Judi Clarke (headteacher) reminds families they welcome flexischooling approaches and a new flyer will be in circulation shortly. Judi would also like to alert potential flexischoolers / current home educators to their next Creative Learning day. ‘This will be on Mar 24th (last day of term) – it’s a little different from the last one (mostly to allow for poor weather) but we think it’s going to be a good one. We are inviting a few people from the community who have lived in ‘extreme environments’ to come and give short talks to the children and to answer their questions and then they are going to build shelters outside in the afternoon’.
Sounds brilliant. We can vouch for the warm welcome you’ll get and the fun the kids have at Weston Lullingfield. Well worth a trip into this wonderful area of Shropshire. There will be more information shortly but if you can’t wait get in touch with Judi.

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