NSPCC: Withdraw your report “Children Not Educated In School: Learning from case reviews”.

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This is a petition to get the NSPCC to remove their inaccurate and biased analysis of Serious Case Reviews (SCRs) which attempts to create a link between home education and child abuse and neglect. Put simply the NSPCC incorrectly concludes that home educating parents put their children at risk by maintaining that local authorities follow the law rather than what they SCR’s actually show which is that local authorities put children at risk by NOT following the law, something we as a community have long campaigned for. SCRs conclusions clearly identify that in all cases analysed local authorities and other agencies failed children by not following national guidelines. Please sign this petition to force the NSPCC to address the real problem, poor LA practice, and target services where they should be: children known to be at risk of abuse and neglect rather than target loving caring parents doing their best for their children.

The petition

The NSPCC report

NSPCC summary of NSPCC report

The myth of home education risks

A well argued repost against the NSPCC report that encapsulates the fears of home educators

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