Home Education UK’s 16th Birthday

Over the last 16 years Mike wood has done a brilliant job with the HE UK website / resource. Good to celebrate its birthday!

Home Education UK’s 16th Birthday


The Home Education UK website first went live on the 8th of January 2000.
It is the oldest website with a continuous presence supporting home
education in the UK. In the past I’ve used this anniversary to make a short
report on the website, so this is the HE UK report for 2016.

HE UK now gets over 2.36 Million hits per annum, that’s an average of
nearly 5 hits every minute of every day with a peak of 14,500 a day over
the last year. Two thirds of these hits are from the UK, while the
remainder are from many parts of the world. The peak months are,
unsurprisingly September and January, usually during the first weeks of the
start of the school term. There are other peaks usually at times when home
educators feel threatened by political policy changes or times of media

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Mike Wood
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