LibEd Bulletin Jan 2011

William Booth Primary School Under Threat A description of a visit to William Booth by David Gribble, and a brief summary of the contested report by Ofsted in January 2011 Organic Intelligence, Toy Story and “What did you do in school […]

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Dr Tim Rudd launches Livelab

Our good friend Dr Tim Rudd left Futurelab at the end of 2010 and has now launched Livelab

Livelab: Research, Development and Innovations


Private tutors create online video ads with help from and Nextshoot has teamed up with Nextshoot, one of the UK's leading web video production companies, to create the UK's first online video

Physical punshiment in South Korean Schools

Painful Lessons - South Korea 15 min January 2011 The 'whip of love' has been used for 'educational' purposes in South Korea for hundreds of

21st Century Learning Initiative: New Years Message

21st Century Learning Initiative New Years Message There comes a time in an individual’s, or institution’s, life when a juxtaposition of what is going on in


BETT is the largest education technology exhibition in the world Special Events and Show Highlights for BETT 2011 With so much to think about when

Education Revolution E-News 07.10.2010

1) "Real Education: Varieties of Freedom" Back in limited stock after 2 years! (BOOK) 2) NEW: 2011 Education Calendars!

Education Revolution E-News 03.10.2010

1) Prepare for the season of giving: Turning Points (BOOKS) 2) Prepare for the season of giving: 2011 Gorgeous

Education Revolution E-News 18th October 2010

1) Quality Education as a Constitutional Right / 'We the People' Tour (BOOK/EVENTS) 2) Watch: Herbert Kohl Keynote Talk

‘Waiting for Superman’ stirring it up in the USA

The film 'Waiting for Superman' continues to stir controversy and moral panic over schooling in the USA. Hardly a day passes without articles in newspapers and blogs. Find

OpenEye News 15.09.2010

The Child The True Foundation Conference The DVD from the recent OpenEYE conference is now available and can be purchased for £19 inc p&p. It contains three fascinating and

AERO: Education Revolution E-Newsletter

Education Revolution E-Newsletter 20.07.2010 Help Make Turning Points a Bestseller! (BOOK) Conference DVDs: Now Available for Sale! (DVDs)

TED Talks. Charles Leadbeater: Education innovation in the slums

Charles Leadbeater went looking for new forms of education - in the slums of Rio and Kibera, where the world's poorest kids are finding new ways to learn. TED

Race to Nowhere

Race to Nowhere They're all talking about this film in North America. Race to Nowhere is to be released later this year. The website has plenty of information. Just

AERO E-News 27.05.2010

Some items from AERO's E-newsletter 27.05.2010 College Without High School: A Teenager's Guide to Skipping High School and Going to College (BOOK) By Blake Boles High school can be boring.

TED Talk – Ken Robinson – Bring on the Learning Revolution!

Sir Ken communicates ideas very clearly and well. He challenges the obsession with the linear narrative of education. Is he a CPE-PEN member yet?! Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson

Shukla Bose – Parikrma Humanity Foundation, teaching kids in India’s slums.

This week on []; on behalf of; This week on [] 31.03.2010 Highly recommend the inspirational video from Shukla Bose. Education is more than just a numbers game,

Futurelab: Making the Future Video

inspirEDInspiring innovation in education from Futurelab Issue 6. March 2010 Make the future – a video looking at ideas drawn from research commissioned under the Beyond Current Horizons programme, which considers

What Students say about Flexible Learning Centres in South East Queensland

What Students say about Flexible Learning Centres in South East Queensland... the overall schooling experience for young people from all backgrounds in Queensland. ... education "flexible learning" An interesting set

The Lessons: Hi Stakes Testing = Mis-Education

The Lessons: Hi Stakes Testing = Mis-Education A short video that contrasts the disastrous high stakes testing syndrome with a more creative cultural competency-based form of evaluating a student's

AERO E-news 25.01.2010 – Top 5 Education Videos

AERO's Top 5 Education Videos Below is a list of our top five most viewed education videos during the past year. Enjoy! 1) John Taylor Gatto, Weapons of Mass Instruction

AERO E-news 11.01.2010

Two DVDs at Excellent Prices: Alfie Kohn & Free to Learn from AERO e-news 11.06.2010  Free to Learn: A Radical Experiment in Education A Documentary by Jeff Root &

New Documentary film: ‘We Are The People We’ve Been Waiting For’,

With thanks to Mandy Humphreys for this link A new landmark documentary landmark documentary film that is coming out on education. You can watch/download the trailer here

AERO E-News 13.10.2009 Videos

AERO Online Video Series: Homeschool Resource Centers, Democratic Meetings, Preschool Democracy, and Butterflies Program Four Great Free Videos! Butterflies Program A rare look at an inspiring program working with homeless street

A Teacher’s Story About Alternative and Unschooling

Video A Teacher's Story About Alternative Education and Unschooling - Why is education important? The story of a ...

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