Private tutors create online video ads with help from and Nextshoot has teamed up with Nextshoot, one of the UK’s leading web video production companies, to create the UK’s first online video ads for private tutors. A wide range of education specialists – from piano and singing teachers to maths and French tutors – can now commission a tutor video to showcase their expertise.

The videos, which are shot by Nextshoot’s network of filmmakers, allow tutors to take advantage of a service that has previously been the preserve of companies. “Video creates instant rapport with potential students and parents,” states Henry Fagg, founder of The Tutor Pages. “It’s the closest you can get to meeting a tutor in person – a real chance for tutors to demonstrate their professionalism online.”

The specially-designed videos – promoted on and across other online platforms – are both cost-effective and flexible for tutors. The interview format shows the tutor talking and interacting with students in a natural way, and music teachers can also include footage of themselves playing their instrument.

Cherry Muckle, a London piano teacher registered on, sees video as a good way to get an edge over her online competitors. “It looks really professional and I think it is the most effective way of providing what the potential student wants when considering a teacher – to see them play, talk, interact with other students – all the stuff you can’t otherwise get across”.

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