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03.09.09 A new article entitled Education Otherwise meeting with DCSF has been posted on the EO Campaign website, http://www.freedomforchildrentogrow.org/update.php 03.09.09 A new article entitled Updated Briefing on the Badman Review has been posted on the EO Campaign website, http://www.freedomforchildrentogrow.org/update.php. 29.08.09 […]

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Personalised Education Now – Membership 2009-2010 – Reminder

All renewals and new memberships are receiving a complimentary copy of  our partner Educational Heretics Press http://edheretics.gn.apc.org/ publication When Learning Becomes Your Enemy by Clive Erricker. If you

Interactive response systems – a craze or an effective classroom resource?

Editorial copywright 2009 SMART Technologies Inc. Major technological inventions have been heavily adopted in schools over the years. Initially it was the computer, followed by the projector and then the

Becta update – August 2009

Items include Award winning products in action Becta, BESA, and EMAP work as partners in the BETT Awards, which highlight exemplar digital products intended for the education marketplace. Watch the

Edutopia News July 2009: Digital Youth Portrait – Cameron

Meet Cameron, Preteen Tech Whiz At school, at home, and on the road with his hockey team, Cameron experiments and innovates with his laptop.

Edutopia July 1st E-news

The digital revolution represents nirvana to some a threat to others. Reality is something in between. What can't be denied are the revolutionary changes to our lives and

Documentary Educational Resources – Alternative Education Documentaries

Thanks to Brittany Gravely of Documentary Educational Resources for flagging up their film reource. We distribute many new and older documentaries on alternative education: http://www.der.org/films/imagine-a-school-summerhill.html http://www.der.org/films/breaking-the-cycle.html

ABC Television: ‘Education systems too narrow’: Sir Ken Robinson

'Education systems too narrow': Sir Ken Robinson Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Broadcast: 16/06/2009. Reporter: Kerry O'Brien Sir Ken Robinson, a leading thinker on education, creativity and innovation, who has advised various

Other learning models video: Imagine a school… Summerhill

Continuning this thread of posts. How sad it would be if we lost what diversity we had in the educational landscape. How sad this diversity is not available

Other learning models video: Democratic education at Sands School

  Democratic education at Sands School   

Other learning models video: Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP)

Natomas Charter School Individualized Learning Program (ILP) is a modified independent study program that serves students in grades 9-12 in Sacramento, CA. This small school setting offers students...

GLEF Edutopia – Digital Youth Portrait: Olivia

Edutopia News 17th June 2009 Interesting video portrait of Olivia. http://www.edutopia.org/digital-generation-profile-olivia-video   Although Without the means or easy access to the newest high tech tools, this resourceful and strong-willed

AERO E-News June 2nd 2009

Two items caught our eye... FairTest to Honor Deborah Meier, Create Award in Her Honor FairTest has an event in Manhattan coming up on the 4th to honor 2008 and

Press release: Dream Catcher project uses digital technology to connect children’s learning

The use of digital photos and video can provide young children with a powerful medium to express their voice, as well as facilitating valuable three-way interactions between a

Edutopia – Digital Generation Project Video

The George Lucas Educational Foundation (GLEF) Edutopia E-newsletter 27th May includes  their Digital Generation Project Video. A useful reminder to many that the world of our young people

Futurelab E-News May 2009

Some interesting and relevant items from Futurelab's latest newsletter: Adult Informal Learning This project, also part of the Harnessing Technology work programme, is investigating the role that digital technologies play

AERO E-News 11.05.2009 – Where Do Children Play?

This item caught our eye regarding children / young people and lack of play. It is an issue  regularly aired in the UK. A television documentary is avaiable. Where

‘How Others See Us’ Animations

Many of you will have seen our 'How Others See Us' animation.

Press release: Project Zero Film – In Response to Student Feedback

Plymouth, Devon. Research by BECTA has highlighted a discrepancy between the way school children are taught and the way they prefer to be taught.  The research report ‘Web

Futurelab: E-news issue 57 April 2009

Two interesting items caught the eye. New handbook: Curriculum and teaching innovation Aimed at educational leaders involved in curriculum and teaching innovation, this new handbook provides guidance for exploring the

AERO E-Newsletter 25th March 2009

AERO E-Newsletter 25th March 2009 http://www.educationrevolution.org/fre.html Contents: 1) Reactions to President Obama Speech on Education 2) Two Great New Alfie Kohn DVDs  No Grades + No Homework = Better Learning  Unconditional Parenting 3) Nel

Film: On Education by Raja Mohanty

On Education 

Film made by Raja Mohanty. Education is all about controlling and shaping the minds of the young. A movie worth seeing for everyone interested in

Edutopia News: 4th February 2009 –

PEN Comment: Edutopia news identifies a CBS News Video on exercising and learning http://www.edutopia.org/edutopianews.html Video: Pumping Up the Brain Researchers are finding that exercise can

Teachers TV: Future Thinking

From Teachers TV It's The Future Of Education Week On Teachers TV This week it's The Future of Education Week on Teachers TV. Some interesting titles: 

Learner’s Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment.

CPE-PEN brought a number of ideas and resources which influenced the development of Futurelab's 'Learner's Charter for a Personalised Learning Environment.' There is now a video introducing Futurelab's

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