Dr Tim Rudd launches Livelab

Our good friend Dr Tim Rudd left Futurelab at the end of 2010 and has now launched Livelab http://www.livelab.org.uk/index.htm

Livelab: Research, Development and Innovations


Livelab is an organisation passionate about learning and committed to transforming education.

We offer a range of research, development and innovation activities in order to provide effective evidence, promote creative thinking and innovative practice in order to challenge current thinking about the future of learning and education.

We work directly with teachers, learners and other stakeholders to stimulate critical thinking and transformational approaches towards learning and teaching in both formal and informal settings. We firmly believe that learners should be empowered through engagement in meaningful, tangible and active learning experiences.

What we do


We conduct a range of empirical and desk based research. This includes: literature reviews, handbooks, research reports, surveys, interviews, research trials and evaluations, case studies, observations, focus groups, and action research.


We support the development of action research and professional development activities and programmes through mentoring and the provision of research advice, support and guidance. We also conduct intervention studies, co design workshops, and undertake product and service reviews.


We have vast experience in delivering innovation and visioning workshops. creative thinking and idea generation activities, producing provocation papers and offering thought leadership, and delivering keynotes presentations, seminars and other events.

For further information about our work, please contact us.

email: tprudd@gmail.com

tel: 07729 806506

Good to see Tim still highly committed to transforning education. We look forward to future partnerships and wish him all the best with Livelab.

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