Education Revolution E-News 03.10.2010

1) Prepare for the season of giving: Turning Points (BOOKS)

2) Prepare for the season of giving: 2011 Gorgeous Education Calendar! (CALENDAR)

3) Moving Forward with the Struggle: What Can We Learn From the Alumni of the Open School (VIDEO)

4) Nuestra Escuela Video (ARTICLE)

5) John Merrow: Preventing Teen Suicide (HuffPost Blog)

6) Leave Your Children Alone! (HuffPost Blog)

7) I’m Unschooled. Yes, I can write. (RESOURCE)

8) Ultimate $uperpower: Supersized dollars drive Waiting for Superman agenda (ARTICLE)

9) John Dewey’s Democracy & Education (FREE BOOK)

10) Clearance Titles (SALE)

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