LibEd Bulletin Jan 2011

William Booth Primary School Under Threat A description of a visit to William Booth by David Gribble, and a brief summary of the contested report by Ofsted in January 2011

Organic Intelligence, Toy Story and “What did you do in school today? Mark Bell. An article originally published in the Sudbury Valley School Journal, revealing surprising similarities between Sudbury Valley and Pixar.

Dhruba Ghimire Echo Zang. Dhruba Ghimire is working to improve the lives of Nepali woman through education.

Change the Future  Luke Flegg. A brief account of the work already done by Change the Future. a new attempt to make the voice of young people heard. Change the Future is looking for volunteers to help the scheme on its way.

The Ballard of Michael Gove A song for any child-friendly school condemned by Ofsted.

Book Review Dartington in Conisbrough, by Pat Kitto: review by Martin Mulkeen

Sudbury Valley School has an excellent new short film about the life of the school at

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