Journal for Co-operative Studies Special Education Edition

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Good to see this education  special edition  from the Journal of Co-operative Studies. Available in hard copy and online through the on-line service ingentaconnect –,

The special edition of the Journal for Co-operative Studies will be of interest to academics, educationalists, co-operators and anyone involved in co-operation in education in its broadest senses. It will surely become an indispensable volume for those working in the field.

It provides a platform from which to investigate and develop understandings of the breadth of meanings and representations variously described as ‘co-operation in education’ as well asbringing some coherence to the multiple approaches. It includes articles from a diverse group of contributors on practice and theory including autoethnography, case studies, and those based on empirical research. It has an array of perspectives from formal and informal learning and from early years to higher education.

The first three articles set a context. What then follows are accounts embracing co-operation in education that fall into three themes, practice, pedagogy, and application. Short reflective pieces explain the personal interpretations of co-operation in education set in the context of each author’s work or experience together with reflections on the personal motivations, values and interests that influence their perspectives.

The creation of this special edition grew from a desire to bring more legitimacy and exposure to the wealth of known practice mainly centred on work directly or indirectly associated with the co-operative movement. However, it was also known that there were other unconnected interpretations and meanings linked to the use of the words co-operative and co-operation when applied to learning and education, supporting a wide range of related activity. It was the concern about this disconnection and multiple dimensions of practice in the UK that has brought together the 27 different accounts, with the hope that it will help bring about a convergence of understanding.

This special edition marks the start of a journey to harness and combine the energy, knowledge, experience and practice. We invite you to immerse yourself in the diverse range of articles, to start discussions and discourses and to grasp the challenge of taking the debates and actions further. Together we could truly embrace the potential of transforming education through cooperation and become a force for change. Make sure that there is a space reserved on your bookshelf for this essential text.

Maureen Breeze, Guest Editor, Alan Wilkins & Richard Bickle, Assistant Editors

Maureenalso states… 2012 has been designated the UN International Year of Co-operatives and there are a large number of events planned where we could profile the journal.  I would also like to ask you to add some dates to your diary – 4,5 & 6 July 2013.  The International Association for the Study of Co-operation in Education (IASCE) will be holding an international conference on a theme linked to co-operation in education at that time.  It is in partnership with the Faculty of Education of the University of Hull and will be at their Scarborough campus.

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