The Future of Learning Conference and Free Festival

LWF 12 : Future of Learning Conference & Free Festival

LWF 2010

It’s worth having a good look at the elements of this conference… presenters, topics etc. Its likely to be a very interesting event all round. I guess we ought to be delighted that educational thinking in some quarters is shifting. Is it radical enough? Does it have a coherent vision? Is it really built on what we know about learning? I don’t know the answers to these questions and I’m not likely to find out at the event since costs are stratospheric (even scholarship places will set you back £495!!!!) Nonetheless those of you in instututional settings or with large pockets may be able to mix it with the great and good. Failing that you can probably get most of it from CPE-PEN and its networks, Educational Heretics Press and the alike. We’ve been pedalling these ideas and more for decades we are able to envision a coherent educational landscape.





Learning Without Frontiers (LWF) hosts its annual conference at London’s Olympia creating a unique environment to present a compelling exploration into our learning futures.

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With inspiring talks in an unprecedented programme featuring some of the worlds most respected thought leaders from the education, digital media and entertainment sectors you are invited to participate in an entirely new discussion about the future of learning and how to affect positive change.

From Noam Chomsky to Sir Ken Robinson – just look who’s talking at LWF 12 – headline speakers

Since 2004 LWF has presented some of the most challenging, forward-thinking conferences on the impact of new digital technologies on learning, innovation and society.

Accurately predicting trends in the adoption of mobile, video games, social media and other disruptive technologies as important new tools for learning whilst providing a vital forum and global community for sharing knowledge, experiences and practice, LWF has become the must attend conference and networking event for those keeping ahead of the curve.

No ordinary conference about learning, LWF is a platform for new thinking, new ideas & new practice to challenge, disrupt and even replace traditional approaches to learning.

If you’re a leader, policy maker, innovator or inspired practitioner working in education or in an organisation seeking to positively disrupt entrenched thinking then LWF is THE conference and meeting place for YOU.

Thought leading educators and progressive policy makers share the stage with respected artists, designers, creators, inventors, entrepreneurs, digital publishers, provocateurs and futurists all focused on creating a better learning future that would disrupt the status quo of tired thinking and redundant practice.

At the heart of LWF are its communities who have taken a leadership role in the use of mobile, gaming, social media, open source and other disruptive technologies to support and enrich learning experiences throughout the learners life.

Yet our conference isn’t simply a dialogue about technology. It is about how our society and education systems respond to the challenges of a rapidly changing world and the demands of current and future generations.

LWF 2010

Our central theme for LWF 12 is “Superstructures and the future of learning”.

The conference will argue that education is an important superstructure reflecting and reinforcing the foundation of society. It will discuss how this underlying foundation has fundamentally shifted from a post-industrial economy to a “Digital Society” and reflect upon what this means for education and what present and future generations may need to learn in a world that is different from the last century. Our headline speakers and delegates will be asked to consider this during the conference and through the on-going dialogue that will flow as a result through-out the year and beyond.

Attendance at LWF 12 is an opportunity to engage first-hand with an unprecedented line-up of globally respected leaders, thinkers and activists whilst networking with what must be one of the most interesting and forward-thinking cohort of fellow delegates with whom you are invited to share your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

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