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I can honestly say I probably learned more about learning and teaching with my career long association with the Development Education Centre (Birmingham) now TIDE – (Teachers in Development Education). Nothing inspired my teaching and learners like the issues and content I drew in from colleagues, teachers and resources involved in TIDE. Things are very difficult at present. If you do know them please show your support. If you don’t know their work then please, please do get on to their website and take a look at what I’m ranting about http://www.tidec.org/ 

Campaign January 2012 … support Tide~
Over a period of 30 years, Tide~ has established a successful reputation in developing teachers’ knowledge of global issues and their ability to help young people understand the complexities of living in a global society.  As a small education charity, Tide~ is facing a very difficult economic situation which may mean it is not possible to continue with this valuable work. We are asking for your support to allow us to carry on. 

The role that Tide~ plays is still vitally important. The government has started an ongoing review of the whole of the national curriculum, and stated that schools should have more autonomy over what they teach, tailoring it to the needs of their learners. They have also rightly pointed out that teacher-to-teacher collaboration is the most effective form of professional development. As a teachers network, curriculum and professional development is exactly what Tide~ has expertise in – and we don’t want that to disappear.

We are looking to the future and want to continue to develop creative curriculum approaches, producing resources, sharing understanding and promoting global learning – which is why we are asking for contributions to our Campaign January 2012 

We have set an ambitious target of £15,000 by the end of January 2012, so any donation you can make will be much appreciated.

Every donation is hugely appreciated and makes a real difference to our work.


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